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I suppose it was obvious that there’s a group of people who are kind of reverse Covid deniers. Feeding off one another’s fear and answering questions they make up.

I need to start reading what these guys are posting.


The long-term reinfection rate after catching COVID is apparently somewhere around 1%, although I suppose that figure varies for the individual depending on all sorts of things.

I’d have thought we’d have moved on to LongOmicron by now. Scarier than LongCovid.

Brian May knows what it’s all about. He had a horrendous bad cold. That’ll teach him not to hang around with other people.

“He added that he doesn’t think he would have recovered as well as he has were it not for having had three jabs.”

Which is an odd statement to make, because most people just don’t seem to have that sort of experience with omicron. Did he get a dose of delta, or was it an instance of ADE?

How do we protect people like Brian May from making the decision to go to parties? What level of lockdown is required?

It’s truly sad that these people are basically choosing to lock themselves down. Brian May probably doesn’t have many years left to him. If I were in his shoes - and I’m not that far off - I’d want to make the most of it; there’s all of eternity for hiding in a box.

Dunno guys. That 1% has been quoted since the beginning. And somehow, it keeps on growing. With numbers of daily infected, I’d call it caution, not fear. Gamble with your own lives, not others. Russian roulette only needs one chance.

I mean, we are assuming it is not the same people getting sick two, three times, right?


In the last week the following people I know have contracted COVID:

Both my little brother and my older brother, my sister-in-law, my favorite cousin, my aunt and uncle, the Best Man at my wedding (and one of my best friends), another good friend and former colleague from my old uni, and my wife’s favorite professor from her college days. And a partridge in a pear tree!

Besides, my aunt and uncle, and my little brother and sister-in-law, these are all different sources of infection! Omicron is a beast. Some are mild, some are quite sick, but no one needs to be hospitalized. This pandemic will be over soon because everyone is going to get this within a few months. We might be among the last due to our zero policy, but it’s not sustainable long term. As for reinfection… you can also get the flu multiple times, but you still build immunity throughout your life from prior infections and shots.


The ‘pandemic’ will go on as the pharma corporates have sold millions more shots to governments around the world.
There will be a new ‘variant’ (flurona?) sold to the public for the 2nd booster to be rolled out around March, then repeat and wash.


You’re not the most reliable prognosticator here, so I’ll stick with my own theory. Pharma is big. The world’s desire to go back to normal (and the moneyed interests that share that desire) is bigger. Certainly new drugs/vaccines will continue to be released, but that occurs for all sorts of viruses that aren’t existential threats. COVID will be an endemic nuisance like the flu that only significantly impacts the unvaccinated by the end of 2022.


What was funny was he didn’t want to make a message/show people when he was at his worst because he would scare people. So he is now making a message to scare people. He is really unlucky. Triple jabbed, taking tests all the time and presumably his friends were the same. Must have been an unvaccinated person in the pub next door who infected him through the walls.


Srsly? Those at the top of the food chain are benefiting enormously from a cowed, obedient, and neurotic populace. Their lives are not restricted. They absolutely don’t want things to “go back to normal”, and there’s a good 30% of the population who are emphatically on-board with scanning the barcode on your ass to get permission to take a dump.

It could go either way, at this point, I reckon. Most of the would-be fascists are cowardly little bullies hiding behind big men with batons and riot shields; if the police and the army decide they don’t want to be part of the master plan anymore, the politicians will start to worry about the plebs storming the palace with torches and pitchforks, and it’ll all come tumbling down. But I can’t see that happening. I suspect the fascists will win simply because nice ordinary people don’t want to storm the palace.


I’m trying to start 2022 the right way, so I’m done getting in pointless back-and-forths with you. It’s like arguing with a garden hose. How about this? We will just see in a couple years who is right. If I grow devil horns or develop a specific type of late onset vaccine-autism, I will concede you were right all along about everything. Until then, toodleloo, my friend.


I think you left out the part of vaccines making it impossible for you to give birth in the future.[1] So if you @DrewC fail to give birth, then the warnings were correct all along! :rofl:


[1] No I am not making this up. One of my students has faced pressure from her parents to avoid vaccination as this outcome has been widely circulating on whatever bullsh&t line groups they’re in.


That’s even more incentive! I’ve already had all the kids I want. Now I won’t have to get a vasectomy.


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Thank GOD Africans ignore this man.

Fauci Discourages Fully Vaccinated Going to Restaurants.

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What a weird take. What does one have to do with the other? It’s like saying ‘Thank GOD Norwegians ignore Minister Chen.’