Coronavirus Open Thread 2022

“Despite four vaccinations and Paxlovid, I had stronger symptoms”

In any sane world, one might be tempted to conclude "because of … ".

That guy really scares the crap out of me. I always feel the urge to paint on a little square moustache when I see his photo.

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I expect to see the bodies stored in freezer trucks very soon. That’s what happens without restrictions I’ve been told.

Well, if you like feel free to continue in that fantasy land. I don’t think that is what @KHHville was talking about.


Here’s to hoping Taiwan moves on since the American CDC officially moved on.

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Amusing article (if you don’t laugh, you’d cry) about loony Lauterbach:

One really has to wonder why these people keep their jobs. Are they somehow useful? Do they provide plausible deniability for their bosses who, in reality, are perfectly happy with this kind of nonsense?

Actually here in Taiwan people schedule surgery for weekends so they don’t have to miss too many days at work, if at all.

Germans are getting their asses kicked in by the people they supposedly elected (or didn’t, depending on the department).
There really is no help for them. Perhaps it’s in their blood to just follow their leaders into hell to get burned (again and again and now again).

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The beatings will continue until morale improves.

They already enriched the drug companies and themselves, so the job’s finished. It was never about Covid particularly.

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Yes, no doubt having an angry electorate is exactly what those politicos wanted.

And facinating to see you now opposing capitalism and profit. I look forward to seeing more of this posting style in the future from you, comrade!


  1. They often aren’t in elected positions. That problem has been repeated ad nauseam.
  2. It has nothing to do with capitalism vs communism.

No, I am serious here.

You are opposed to societies having a public service? You think every official doing every public job should be elected?

You oppose companies making a profit?

Please let us know when you establish this alternative utopia, where every person is elected and companies no longer need to make a profit.


Seriously, I can’t follow your babbling any longer. I have said nothing of the sort.


The “yeah, well you’re a COMMUNIST!” has to be a new low in Forumosan debates.


Or a new high. If people express commitments, they might as well own them.


If you are serious then any criticism of any aspect of capitalism makes one a Communist.

Your putting words into people’s mouths, as you usually do - foolish words, so that you can laugh at your own cleverness.

The point that TaipAmy (and plenty of other people) was making is that we’re in a position where unelected officials have been granted almost unlimited power for no apparent reason, and there’s way too much scope in that scenario for people to enrich themselves in nefarious ways. But you knew that, didn’t you?

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They are called “bureaucrats”—and in the case of Taiwan, they are often technocrats.

I wonder what alternative utopia you imagine where a society does not employ or access such people? Perhaps parts of Somalia might fit here. Other than that, I wonder what model of governance (or simply nongovernance) you are envisioning.


I don’t really care what label you choose to put on them. They’re acting like halfwits, and someone should have fired them a long time ago. The public, unfortunately, has no mechanism available to make that happen, except to wait for the next election and hope the next government tells them to feck off.

I can’t tell if you set up these false dichotomies because your imagination genuinely doesn’t reach far enough to discover the middle ground between a dictatorship run by idiot savants, and anarchy … or if it’s just a convenient way of mocking people without bothering to come up with your own solid arguments. Either way, your modus operandi seems to be to challenge people to justify their views on the unshakeable assumption that yours is already correct by default. So let’s flip this around: exactly why do you think it necessary to discard the perfectly workable system of governance that Taiwan had in 2019 - the one set out in the Constitution - and replace it with something completely ad hoc?

That the members of the CECC are employed is not the issue. The fact that they are de facto absolute rulers is the problem. Or maybe it isn’t a problem? You tell me.


I simply disagree with you that the CECC folks are “absolute rulers.” I think this is where we run into disagreement. If Premier Su (who serves at the pleasure of President Tsai) wants to ditch or replace that team, he is fully able to do so. If they were a political liability, he would act.

I think you will be pleased to hear that some of these folks have indeed changed their messaging lately, including President Tsai stating directly that international tourism is coming and directing her team to make that possible.

I think as well Premier Su deserves credit for calling for as much normancy as possible during the omicron outbreak. No doubt you would want more, but this is what they have decided to do, with more changes coming.