Coronavirus - Taiwan 2021

Today updates (Jan 31 update at 2pm)

境外+2無本土! Ct值高 均自菲律賓入境 | 我嚴防新冠肺炎 | 要聞 | 聯合新聞網 (


Case 908* whereabouts, including Jiufen, FoGuan Mountain, and some traditional eateries.

CECC still doing contact tracing.


case 908, you got numbers mixed up

Need coffee. And antihistamine.

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Two 老街 in two days, what kind of deranged person is this ?


Good cafe for espresso? - Cuisine / Greater Taipei Restaurants - Forumosa



Tour guide?

Taking visitors from overseas around? :eek:

COVID-19 symptoms: need to travel the world

Two in one year is a mistake

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Oh I love Ruifang/Jiufen/the gold mines. Tainan’s old street are filled with great eats. The others, meh.

Problems the crowds. The CECC had to fine some deranged organizers of a sweets fair in Tainan. Crowds were insane, people had to take their masks off to eat… Nuts!

They’re not alone, the EU too!


In two days?

EU is so dysfunctional. I thought BREXIT was a big mistake when it first happened, and now I’m not so sure.


According to Chen, the CECC found during its probe that the man became infected on Jan. 23, when he accompanied his mother to a hospital in Taoyuan.

While waiting for the doctor, the man and his mother were seated in an adjacent row to a man in his 60s who had previously stayed at Taoyuan General Hospital – where a cluster infection has broken out – and who was confirmed on Jan. 24 as having COVID-19.

They were in the same waiting area for under 15 minutes and they were all wearing masks, Chen said, citing surveillance footage.

Interesting to note that in past cases, the CDC has relied heavily on mask wearing in deciding not to quarantine people with possible exposures.


Chuang said the woman had traveled home on a Taiwan High Speed Rail (HSR) train but there was no one sitting beside her. Since all passengers and staff on the train were wearing masks during their ride, no contacts have been listed for the case.

Given that these new strains seem to spread a lot more easily, seems like it might be time to reconsider this approach.


That is why I wear at least an N95. Hold on tight for the ride!

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That’s also why I wear at least a thick plastic bag sealed at the neck. No way am I risking the 5% of stuff that N95 lets through.


Time to upgrade to something a little more comfortable and less disturbing to your fellow MRT passengers.

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And Daxi old street.

There are masks of all different types. Mask plus social distancing plus hand washing/not touching your face are basic barriers…but they have holes.

I liked how in the presser the minister said they also checked the footage and still have questions…