Coronavirus - Taiwan 2021

The pilot didn’t even have enough time to really build up an immunity from the shot anyways…he only had it a little over a week prior to showing symptons which means he could’ve gotten Covid a few days before that. So he wasn’t really close to the 12 days needed for some partial immunity (as far as single doses go anyways) that Focus Taiwan mentions in their article.


Yeah, this stuff is so frustrating (no offence to your wife). And predictable. I presume that @ca…, uh, some members of the forum will be posting something soon as further proof that vaccines don’t work. Everyone should know by now that vaccines take some time to do anything, rather than providing immediate protection.


I think it’s a bit early to say. UK is spacing the two doses for AZ 12 weeks apart so the data on the real world effectiveness is only starting to come in. Some preliminary studies have shown that after one done AZ has very similar effectiveness to Pfizer at preventing hospitalizations.

Findings: The first dose of the BNT162b2 vaccine was associated with a vaccine effect of 85%
(95% confidence interval [CI] 76 to 91) for COVID-19 related hospitalisation at 28-34 days
post-vaccination. Vaccine effect at the same time interval for the ChAdOx1 vaccine was 94%
(95% CI 73 to 99). Results of combined vaccine effect for prevention of COVID-19 related
hospitalisation were comparable when restricting the analysis to those aged ≥80 years (81%;
95% CI 65 to 90 at 28-34 days post-vaccination)
Interpretation: A single dose of the BNT162b2 mRNA and ChAdOx1 vaccines resulted in
substantial reductions in the risk of COVID-19 related hospitalisation in Scotland.


Yeah, seen those cards, too.
Maybe tell your family member(s) to take the card to their primary health insurer and have the health insurer input details into their database. Then can ask the health insurer to print out official document of the vaccination, so that now have two proofs of the vaccination: the CDC card and the insurer’s official letter.

also, even if you get covid after taking the vaccine, it is likely it will be pretty mild, as in probably not dying or being in an icu because you can’t breathe. Isn’t that preferable to the alternative?


More updates from Taiwan CDC


Pilots don’t fly the plane, the autopilot does 99% of the time, pilots land and take-off. And almost every plane has sleeping berths the pilots can use during flight.

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On the other hand, I personally quite like it when the plane I’m on takes off and lands successfully rather than ramming into a forest.


A single dose of AstraZeneca apparently cuts hospitalization by 80 percent in the over 80s.

I’m guessing with younger people who are at less risk of hospitalization anyway, the number is even higher.

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I’ve heard the AZ vaccine is now available to all in Taiwan. Is this accurate, and I’d so, how does one sign up?

You’re way behind on this - there’s a whole other thread. :wink:


Today’s CDC report on cases (imported) Case 1158 is bit odd, discovered after the 14 day period. The good news it seems no local cases in this report.

Vaccine leave working rights (in Chinese)

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If you vaccinate the elderly and risk groups, it does more to herd immunity than non risk groups, because elderly and risk groups (the obese!) are usually the superspreaders. So no worries that they are less active…

you likely don’t help herd immunity by giving the shots to those in elderly homes first however - they are really too inactive. Better first give shots to the caretakers because they are less IMHO.

The reason most countries have focused on these groups as first priority for vaccination is not that they are superspreaders, but that they are most vulnerable


So being fat makes you more contagious than others?

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To be fair we fat people have a larger surface area, so it’s harder to stay away from us, especially in crowded places.


I could argue that if you’re fat enough, you create a “social distancing bubble” in front of you, making it less likely to transmit Covid through droplets XD

yes - you exhale more virus particles if your obese - they did run studies on that . Elderly and obese are most likely to be superspreaders.

So the fact that Taiwan has many fat, but rather few obese people must play a large part why so far the virus never went endemic here.

I would guess while doing sports - healthy people exhale much more too - hence indoor gyms being an unsafe place in times of covid19 where it’s endemic. Same as bars indoors where people consume a lot of alcohol. Ischgl was the first place worldwide where kinda everyone got infected… Alcohol and indoors…

Many obese people are short of breath, exhaling less air.