Coronavirus - Taiwan 2021

No need to panic over it.

In my opinion, those that can work from home, should wfh. There’s lots of government jobs or factory jobs that need to be hands on that require people to be there in person, those are the jobs that people need to be physically at their desks/stations.

And in the space of the last week, several not so nonchalent newbies have signed up and gotten themselves sore fingers from hitting the keyboard with numerous posts.


My wife’s working from home, but she works for a Dutch company so I think they are culturally more used to modern working methods.

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Saw this in a park yesterday. Gave me a chuckle.


Here’s something interesting to consider working off your 4 day doubling rate, how long would it take doubling to reach the number of cases recently discovered?

Over a month sound about right?

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Yeah, especially since those tea shop women are true lionesses.


I’m working from home starting tomorrow, but kids will still go to school. Not Taipei.

“Where there is a need there is a lion”

He definitely went to satisfy his needs…


I go from hopeless pessimism to cautious optimism with the change of the wind, but that would definitely be cause for the latter. Even if Chen successfully mopped up most of the outstanding cases it only takes 1 or 2 to slip through the net and begin the cycle anew though.

At least we have electricity and clean water I suppose?

(Trying to look on the bright side of this mess.)


Damn, you worry too much. :hear_no_evil:

Relax and take it as it goes.


You all do realize there’s a roadmap for what Taiwan is and will be going through in the next few months. Just look overseas to see the emotions that people will go through.
I remember SARS in early 2003. In Taiwan, yes, we had temperature checks, but Singapore and HK financial workers were doing work from home for 1/4 or 1/2 of their employees. So, being in Taiwan, I could see how S’pore/HK was handling it, and then they came through it, just around the time that Taiwan started picking up in cases (like the Ho-Ping Hospital lockdown). Seeing how S’pore/HK had pulled through a month or so earlier, I was not worried about Taiwan facing a similar situation and also pulling through it.
So, the same will happen in Taiwan that happened in the U.S. and elsewhere in 2020; not enough tests early on (check); zero vaccines until end-December (nearly 9 months after pandemic begin; well half-check, as Taiwan does have some vaccines).
Taiwan is really in a better situation.
Just read the tea leaves from overseas. This is not the sky is falling, like it was for the rest of the world in 2020.


Yes, even my parents say that. I have an obsessive personality. Helps with my work, but detrimental to my mental health.


Even with these new cases, I’m still glad to be here.


Taiwan is definitely “lucky” to be getting hit when people understand covid more and how to combat it and when vaccines are ordered or on the way.

I think we’ll have a pretty grim 2021–with a big push to get things back to normal by Chinese New Years 2022.

Gotta get people vaccinated. At the current rate of taking almost 2 hour to get one jab done its gonna take a while


Too bad they wasted that year. They have no clue WTF they are doing now.


It must be annoying for those people currently in quarantine. I wonder whether they’ll soon be locking their door from the inside and insisting on staying another couple of weeks.


yeah, spent a year sitting on their hands rather than getting prepared. A year to arrange a mass vaccination programme and its a disorganised faff. The annoying thing is, they didn’t really need to do much work—just look at the UK, say, right that’s the way to go and copy the blueprint.

At least the contact tracing is top notch.


Worse they spent a year patting themselves on the back and making the populous believe Taiwanese and Taiwan were somehow immune or to smart/diligent to get Covid19.