Coronavirus - Taiwan Open July 2021

The Blue Line trips that we had between Taipei Main Station and Zhongxiao Fuxing and return yesterday (between 9am and 11am) had so much space that there were NONE standing.

Mine isn’t, I tried but it wants me to link it to a Credit Card, and I am not going there. My Partner has a Concession Card which links back to the ID Card, so no check-in required.

9 to 11 is not rush hour. That explains it.

Even with the allowance from 7:30 to 9:30, it still gets pretty busy. Not sardine like as before, but I feel it is getting there.

Have you done the real name registration on line? It was supposed to be a requirement. That way you do not need to scan the QR code each time.

Moreover, if you lose your card, they return to you the portion of money not used.

This works for Easy Cards. Dunno about credit cards with Easy Card function.

I did look into that, but it wanted me to sign up to Google Wallet, which then wants a linked Credit Card. No Way. Or have I missed something?

You did. Mine is linked without wallets or anything. Check if you have the right link, Google is not involved at all.

It is real name registration and only needs name and phone number, maybe birthdate. Like what you do to use the Ubike.

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Yes, Thank you @Icon , I got there, its a Chinese form, but Translate works, Needs copy of Front and Reverse of ARC to be uploaded too. Results in an Application Number and no doubt an email will arrive when done.

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I took mrt first time since outbreak from Xinyi to Shuanglian on a Friday night at 8.30pm and was busier than that. Was shocked tbh

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Tragic fire at a quarantine hotel in Changhua

Which for me defies logic. Let’s stop people using buses by running less, thereby making sure that the buses that do run have more people in it than they otherwise would have. Genius.


Tragic. That building has been derelict for a long time. Didn’t look fit for human occupation. This article has a lot description and photos showing how rotten it was. Amazed it hasn’t previously collapsed or already been demolished.

Qiaoyou Building 喬友大廈 | Spectral Codex


Lets hope they don’t go after the ones who managed to get out and slap fines on them for leaving Quarantine.

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Not to sound heartless, but shouldn’t they go back into quarantine to still make sure they don’t have COVID? Of course no fine or anything like that.

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Definately, they need to be found another Quarantine place to do the rest of their time, and the Government should foot the bill for what they were put through in what it seems never should have qualified for listing as a Quarantine Hotel - wishful thinking.

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Don’t stay in shitty quarantine hotels to save money.

narrow spaces inside hindered rescuers

However, four people, including a firefighter, suffered out-of-hospital cardiac arrests and were later declared dead. The 20 injured people, including another firefighter, were sent to nearby hospitals.

I don’t know how that hotel qualified for anything else except urgent demolition. Gotta be some lawsuits coming.

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Victim blaming?

Here’s a thought. If the government lets buildings that sound unfit for habitation serve as quarantine hotels, does anyone really believe that the quarantine hotels incoming passengers are now being forced to used are safer in terms of keeping the virus out?


I’m wondering if that HOTEL was only for the migrant workers. :thinking:

47 + 3 = 50 and sadly 13 deaths.


47+3 positives. 32000+ tests. ~0.15% TPR.