Coronavirus - Taiwan OPEN June 2021

Which brings us back to the discussion about mental health and how “normal” as it used to be wasn’t healthy at all.

Most parents are climbing up the walls because they simply have no dealings with their kids. The kids were had put of social/parental pressure.

Too many people have turned into autómatas that only care about work. Any disruption of the established schedule brings their world down. The office is confort…or rather, their whole livelihood, both material and mental, is tied to it.


How very credible.


Yeah WFH is not great for a lot of reasons, but in a pandemic its irresponsible to go there when you dont have.


They can argue economics but in the long run dead folk can’t work. For starters.


I was just having a look at the John Hopkins Covid-19 Tracker.

Remember when Taiwan was one of the leaders of the world with one of the lowest case and death rates? Seems like a lifetime ago.

The USA leads the world in cases and deaths and only Palau has managed to avoid any cases or deaths.

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I would love for that single digit to be zero.


My partner and I went into Taipei today for the fist time since L3 started, as partner had to visit the Hospital for a blood test. What was very noticeable to us both was -

  • Seats in abundance on the Train in both directions (usually standing room only on the way in) - social distancing was even possible.
  • Taipei Station was a ghost town.
  • Bus timetables seem to have been severely pruned - we were facing 30 mins wait for a 262 bus - they are usually only a couple of minutes apart, so back we went and used the MRT, even less crowded than the TRA was.
  • TRA stuffed the return trip up, we found that the next Local train was another 40 mins, then that started adding ‘delay’ until they erased it altogether, so we ended up sitting waiting for almost an hour in the end, so they have been chopping services too.

Not in a hurry to repeat the exercise before L3 ends, the only exception will be a Vaccination trip if my category suddenly opens.


Yea bus schedules are severely reduced, less people taking them and them not wanting to encourage more people to come out. Weekends are worse, many buses were 30 minutes a bus when they were 10 minutes a bus previously. Try not to take buses on weekends if you can help it.

Have there been any developments reported today on the Delta variant’s presence in Taiwan? Or should I assume that no news is good news?

On Monday I had to go over to Sanxia for the last visit to the Ophthalmologist to give me the all clear after my Cataracts had been dealt with - all good. Its only a short bus trip (I would walk but the Dahan river bridge has no sidewalk). And guess what, yes you need to check-in after boarding the bus - there is a QR sticker on the back of each seat as well as on the windows!!

And yes, I forgot, TRA and MRT have QR Code check-ins at each station too.

And another, we went to the RT-Mart at Dinghao, and fortunately they were not checking the odds and evens, as partner and I wouldn’t be able to go in together if they did, BUT, I had my NHI Card ready, which has my original odd ARC (my latest is an Even one) on it ready just in case. And RT-Mart too had more visible staff than customers.

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If you are using your EZ card and have it registered to your name, you do not have to do the QR code thing when boarding a bus.


And they’ll never let go after you do! Lol consider yourself tagged.

We dropped into Taipei to get something on the weekend. I was pretty shocked at how dead the place was. I hadn’t been there since the outbreak and I noticed the clerks there were also very strict with scanning the codes etc. I don’t think I’ll go back either unless there’s a specific need to.

It does not seem to have spread beyond some contacts of the initial cluster (thousands have been tested; I think 15 positive in all). Good news.


Well, if you are not joining the rush hour masses, I think it would be fine in the MRT. It was the first week after level 3 was announced that the MRT from our side of the green line was empty at peak hours. I enjoyed having a seat. Fast forward to last week. You’d be hard pressed to find an empty seat or keep your distance standing in the car.

People do try to keep a seat in between or stand separately but it reaches a point where you can’t.

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