Coronavirus - Taiwan Open November/December 2021

My Istanbul to Taipei flight today was 95percent Taiwanese.
And mostly females… Overall pretty empty however, around 40 percent seats taken in the first coach cabin, 20 percent in the second one.

Compared to one year ago it’s much more professional now especially at Istanbul where checking of papers worked smoothly.

And this time the returnees are mostly relaxed about Covid. Many dropped their masks in flight while sleeping, it nose out or no mask at Istanbul airport. No single person in hazmat suit (last year there were a handful).

Though I guess with arrival test and two more PCR it’s much safer now. Actually it would be a good booster to catch omicron and sit it out for the quarantine… :slight_smile:
Not sure if people think so … I’m sure the percentage of infected arriving is much higher compared to a year ago.

In a government facility? If positive you’re not going to your hotel, you know that right?

Government quarantine centers are hotels sometimes. But yeah not going home then, so for me a no-go. Looking forward to a fitness trainer in my home flat …

That’s perfect. We need some Reddit style rewards for that post.

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