Coronavirus - Taiwan Open November/December 2021

Continued from the previous thread - Coronavirus - Taiwan Open September/October 2021

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Hopefully no Delta drama in this thread. Hoping we can finish out 2021 with no more scares.

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0 + 5 = 5 and no deaths.


I would prefer some drama, I am hoping for a huge leak around December 20th. Big enough so there is first a weeks Xmas holiday and then decision that containment cannot work and as vaccination is almost done we just let it go. Quarantine cancelled starting Feb. 1st. I think its the only way everybody can saving face and we can get back to living in the new normal. No Leak will be stuck with quarantine for who knows how long.

I prefer no drama, just no cases and get life back to where it was. In many ways things are normal.


They are getting “generous” for CNY - 10 days Hotel Quarantine, then 4 more at Home. It does seem confusing, so if I have it wrong, my apologies.

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New Covid quarantine rules have been announced for the 2022 Lunar New Year period.

From 14 December, travelers from “low risk” countries will need to do 10 days hotel quarantine and then 4 days at home, if their family members are all fully vaxed. Rather than the 14-day hotel quarantine currently.

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My Chinese sucks, but this appears to also state that 2 people can quarantine together in a hotel room now. It says “family members” or “people who live together” can quarantine together. I wonder whether this means unmarried couples or even friends can quarantine together.

Additionally, I’m worried the list of countries that would be allowed for the 10 day quarantine might be too small to begin with…

It appears that the relaxations are very minimal indeed…

Why are they constantly making these tiny, fiddly changes? Are they just trying to stay in the news every day or keep themselves occupied?

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Apparently US is not high risk whereas most South Asian countries are high risk -_-

US has more cases than India now and both have Delta is the vastly dominant variant. Pathetic.

There’s an impending room shortage for the New Year’s period.


Ohh yeah, that could explain it. So it would be a decision based on necessity rather than any kind of science/logic. I wonder if they’ll need to reduce it again before CNY.

One of the above is a military big brother. I’ll let you guess which one!


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We both know the real reason USA isn’t included on the list. Because the normal rules don’t apply to Big Brother :us: , since Big Brother :us: is one of the only things stopping China from invading us.

EDIT: I see @afterspivak beat me to it (even including the “big brother” label).

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It’s always been that way. Once 30 years ago I had a conversation in a bar with a guy in the cotton business. He mentioned that he did some purchasing of US cotton, and that it was subsidized. I think I was imagining that it could be a good place for growing cotton with a lot of land there or whatever, but he kept making it very clear that the ONLY reason he was interested in US cotton was that his government was giving the US preferential treatment which it probably didn’t really deserve. That was more than I really gave a crap about the details of this guy’s cotton business or political opinions, so I made much the same point you did there. That was the end of the conversation.

Which is the bigger threat, Covid or the CCP?

Well, my personal belief is the CCP engineered COVID… but if you mean CCP just in a vacuum, yes, the obvious answer is the one you’re prompting.


It was rhetorical, but it’s also clear that keeping the US on side is far more important than continuing to keep Covid out.

It’s a typical Taiwanese nuisance culture. I still don’t understand why those stores (7-11, px mart, carrefour…) make you collect stamps when you make certain amount of minimum purchase. After you complete the whole set of stamp collection, you are then allowed to purchase something (not with stamps, but with money).
On Shopee, you have to “manually” claim your free-shipping coupons and add to your coupon depository before applying these coupons to your shipping charge. WTF?
Don’t even get me started on those quintuple vouchers.

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