Coronavirus - Taiwan Open September/October 2021

Wise idea I think, especially with the social media stuff.

Actually, my feed is quiet from people. It is the media going full throttle.

How long they gonne need to test 1 million+ people? 1 month?

The text messages sent out to folks (the now famous 1.1 million!) are not calling for everyone of those folks to get tested.


Than what? Stay home?

For real-world examples and discussion, have a look over here:


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That’s kind a moot.

In other words, no Symptoms means no need to get tested - as it used to be months back in the Zero days.

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The Taiwanese demographic of my social media is quiet as well. It’s here, and the Taiwan sub-Reddit, that are freaking out the most. Unless we start seeing growing chains from it I think that’ll remain the case.

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More English-language details about the EVA pilots, emphasis added:

After returning from an earlier long-haul flight from Chicago, the pilot was required to follow a seven-day enhanced self-health management guidelines for fully vaccinated pilots, as issued by the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC). However, the pilot left his home on multiple occasions to meet with friends and family in Hsinchu and Taoyuan.

The pilot violated the guidelines by going out for meals with friends during his self-health management period, and by not alerting the local health bureau prior to seeking medical treatment at a clinic, as he was required to do, EVA Airways said.

In addition, despite developing symptoms on Aug 28, the pilot disregarded them and falsified his preflight health declaration form to co-pilot a cargo flight to Brisbane on Aug. 30, the airline said.


Well…. that’s… great. :unamused:

This just gets better and better… flight attendants who were in “close contact” are now in quarantine as are their family members.

Sounds like these married pilots were screwing around, just like the scumbag pilot from last December.


EVA cancelling its Chicago - TPE route doesn’t do anything to punish the pilot. It punishes everyone who was going to get on those planes in the coming weeks and months and the goods that were going to be shipped in the belly of the plane.

I am out for blood. This pilot should be criminally prosecuted and have his retirement funds frozen in the meantime.


Fire them all and EVA should have major fines applied.

This is why they call Taiwan a low trust society. There’s a reason for everything.

People here are very good at calling out Westerners and foreigners for having poor morals but it’s all BS. Look at all the massage shops everywhere.


The pilot story wouldn’t even be news in most countries , but because the aim is covid zero here it is. This whole policy is relying on everyone behaving and following rules to the letter and praying there are no accidental or unforseen ways the virus could get in.


the CDC has said there is no strategy for covid 0, but controlled covid. That’s what they are doing.


It’s not forever but right now they should be keeping those pilots on a short leash like everybody else. We just spent the whole summer under shitty restrictions. We need vaccination numbers to go up first.


I agree. That said, it is a bit concerning that all three infected pilots were fully vaccinated though. My own sister-in-law just had a breakthrough infection. Of course you’re much less likely to get seriously ill with a breakthrough infection, but it does make me wonder just how effective these vaccines are at stemming transmission, especially Delta.

They aren’t great at stopping infection but they are useful still and few vaccinated are getting seriously sick, and that’s the important stat . Probably the T cell immunity is helping there.