Coronavirus Taiwan - Specific Developments July-October 2022

First wave peaked in the high 80s k. Second wave hasn’t broken 50k yet. That means there must be some level of immunity that crosses over from previous Omicron infections, even if the sub-variant is different.

Report Completed1

39 COVID-19 Deaths Reported on September 21, 2022

There were 39 new deaths from local cases today, including 21 males and 18 females, aged between under 5 years old and over 90 years old. All had severe infections, 37 had a history of chronic disease, and 24 hadn’t received the recommended 3 doses of COVID-19 vaccine and 17 hadn’t received any doses at all. The date of diagnosis was between August 19 and September 18, today (2022), and the date of death was between September 8 and September 18.

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Original CECC Report of 2022-09-21


Cumulative Table Of New Deaths From COVID-19 In Taiwan

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That’s exactly what I expected to happen. Two waves so close means there will be a little resistance despite the mutations.
I doubt they will be persuaded to drop all mandates unfortunately.


How is a language development disorder relevant? That is reaching a bit surely.

Quarantine requirement and masking outside to be dropped no later than October 15


Discussions please in the appropriate threads:

When will quarantine in Taiwan end? Maybe: 10/10

The domestic mask mandate complaint thread

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Sept. 29

  • raising the weekly inbound passenger quota to 60,000
  • on-arrival saliva test will be discontinued, passengers will instead be handed four rapid antigen test kits
  • visa-free entry will be restored to all reciprocating countries

Oct. 13

  • “0 + 7” system will be implemented
  • raising the weekly inbound passenger quota to 150,000
  • expand visa-free entry to more countries
  • ban on tourists groups will be lifted

The question will of course be, whether the +7 has to be spent under the same conditions as the current +4 is - in that separate bedroom/bathroom need to be available if not the only occupant?

Time will tell I guess.

Sounds great but they should clarify what exactly you are allowed to do during 0+7.
I finished my quarantine and currently on self-health check management and still can’t go to school until it is finished.

But you are allowed to go outside to get food, and visit tourist places? If the answer is yes, then that’s really weird as in you can’t go to school, but in the meantime, feel free to do whatever you want.


Yes, I go out to do my shopping, meet friends but my school told me that I am not allowed to go back now. I have to wait until my 4 days of self-health management is finished. I proved that they are wrong, but they didn’t change their mind that is why I think clear rules are needed to avoid misunderstandings.

I did show them that piece of information, it didn’t help :slight_smile:

Your work may have their own rules.

Looks like it but I think they should comply with the rules introduced by the government.

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Welcome to Taiwan!


Maintaining social distancing in a supermarket can be challenging especially during busy hours.

I would assume one can look at going during a less busy time? Like at night?

Sure I am just saying the way the rules are written, they give the impression that it’s always ok to visit a supermarket anytime.

I’ve found the whole “self-management” period extremely frustrating from the get go. It seems the rules were intentionally worded ambiguously in order to discourage people from going out, yet at the same time there are potentially serious financial consequences for the “wrong” interpretation.

The rules should be crystal clear: “You are prohibited from doing A, B, and C during this period.” Otherwise, drop it.