Coronavirus Taiwan - Specific Developments May/June 2022

Always available at Our World in Data, although usually with a lag of a day or two.

New daily cases, based on 7-day average, starting in mid March:

Daily deaths, starting around the same time:


Average age of the unvaccinated at death here, for this particular dataset, is 84.5.

For the vaccinated, 79.2.

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I’d hesitate to draw any conclusions from that, but it’s an intriguing statistic. Does this hold for the entire (historical) dataset? I seem to remember it’s downloadable somewhere, but can’t remember who posted the link.

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Me either.

That it is.

I’m not sure. Today’s data appeared to be the first which showed the actual age at death, and not just the decade.

They showed the actual ages only once before,

I wish they’d always do it.

Makes the stats more interesting.

Taiwan sure has a lot of old folks. (Had)


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This has been my gripe about COVID data in general, and a lot of professionals have expressed similar frustrations. It looks at first glance as if the authorities are attempting to be open and helpful. But when you actually try to perform any statistical operations on the data, you find that you can’t, because something has been done to make them close-to-useless. If you happen to know where the official spreadsheet is I’ll have a quick look at the age-at-death, but the quantization noise will introduce such a large amount of uncertainty into the outcome that I doubt it will be meaningful, given the tiny number of people who died “of” COVID.

I really don’t see how this can be anything but deliberate. Whatever else these people might be, they’re not idiots. My guess is that omicron is about to fade away, and the last thing anybody wants is for people to be conducting post-mortems (in any sense of the word).

It’s amazing, isn’t it, how the authorities are so supremely confident about complex and subtle aspects of COVID, but after two years and hundreds of millions of patients to observe, they haven’t been able to pin down one of those “mysteries” that looks like it might be rather easy to solve … particularly if you had reliable data on hand?

Recorded COVID death risk tracks all-cause mortality risk to an astonishing degree - the last time I checked I think the correlation was 0.9-something. Since all-cause risk for men is somewhat higher than for women generally, and no distinction is being made between ‘of’ and ‘with’ deaths, the observation that men die “of or with” COVID is most likely just a statistical artifact.


In case you missed it . . .



Report Completed1

Covid Stats For 2022-06-26

Local = 39,586

Imported = 60

Deaths = 134

Current Severity of Symptoms Statistics

Local Cases By Districts (Interactive Map)


Factors like obesity?

Report Completed1

134 COVID-19 Deaths Reported on June 26, 2022


Female = 64 (47.76%)
Male = 70 (52.24%)

Age Distribution

90s = 29 (21.64%)
80s = 46 (34.33%)
70s = 32 (23.88%)
60s = 19 (14.18%)
50s = 5 (3.73%)
40s = 2 (1.49%)
30s = 1 (0.75%)

Vaccination Doses

0 = 48 (35.82%)
1 = 10 (7.46%)
2 = 22 (16.42%)
3 = 51 (38.06%)
4 = 3 (2.24%)

Chronic Disease History

Yes = 127 (94.78%)
No = 7 (5.22%)

Vaccine Status For Deaths With No Chronic Disease History

0 = 4 (Ages - 80s, 80s, 70s, 60s)
2 = 1 (Age - 90s)
3 = 2 (Ages - 60s, 40s)

Click to see detailed cases report


If one takes those deaths as a fraction of the relevant population slice, the correlation with all-cause mortality risk is 0.9997. All-cause risk is inherently exponential, so we can get a more meaningful picture by taking the log of both risk values; this then yields a correlation of 0.994 (although for over-60’s, it’s still 0.9996). The implication is that COVID provides only a very, very small fraction of the reason for death in these cases, and that almost all of them died of what used to be called “old age”, or “natural causes”.

Of course this calculation is a bit suspect, based as it is on one day’s data. If anyone can post the link to the total dataset, I’ll attempt it again with all the published data. I’ll also attempt a more accurate extrapolation of decade-wide age bins than the rough-and-ready method I used here.

EDIT: found it, if anyone else is interested:


I seem to remember John Campbell reporting ONS data from the UK earlier this year which showed that 83% of those dying with Covid in the UK had underlying health conditions/co-morbidities

Wrong thread.


Looks like BTC recent price chart. :slight_smile:

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Report Completed1

Covid Stats For 2022-06-27

Local = 28,489

Imported = 91

Deaths = 91

Current Severity of Symptoms Statistics

Local Cases By Districts (Interactive Map)

Table Of New Deaths From COVID-19 In Taiwan


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Good stuff.
On a sort of curious note.
Does anyone watch these pressers anymore now that #s broke below 30k?
Can anyone tell if the amount of viewers have receded?
In the U.S. it is sometimes easy to tell the # of viewers of some live (usually political) event by the count number of those logged into YouTube or whatnot.
Just wondering if local media have now gone onto the next biggest story like potential typhoons, scooters getting run over by cement truck, etc.

I see more fear-mongering about Monkey Pox nowadays (something no one in their right mind should be afraid of) than COVID in the media.