Coronavirus Taiwan - Specific Developments May/June 2022

Finally some good news! :grin:



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Probably something involving rubber gloves.


Brilliant. Strong winds today - must be fun out on the water.

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Sorry your parents are not being given the service they deserve.

I left a power of attorney with my parents so they can apply for bureaucratic stuff like this abroad. Can that be helpful for you?

The minister himself said that they have to wait until all the golden children studying abroad come back for summer. Hotels have to be open for them because they need 24/7 service.

Hence the tourists can come in a bit later on.

Report Completed1

118 COVID-19 Deaths Reported on June 30, 2022


Female = 56 (47.46%)
Male = 62 (52.54%)

Age Distribution

90s = 27 (22.88%)
80s = 40 (33.90%)
70s = 26 (22.03%)
60s = 12 (10.17%)
50s = 8 (6.78%)
40s = 3 (2.54%)
30s = 1 (0.85%)
20s = 1 (0.85%)

Vaccination Doses

0 = 53 (44.92%)
1 = 13 (11.02%)
2 = 9 (7.63%)
3 = 41 (34.75%)
4 = 2 (1.69%)

Chronic Disease History

Yes = 115 (97.46%)
None = 3 (2.54%)

Vaccine Status For Deaths With No Chronic Disease History

0 = 3 (Ages - 90s, 60s, 40s)

Click to see detailed cases report

Table Of New Deaths From COVID-19 In Taiwan


Does anyone know the total number of deaths in kids under the age of 18 (or 12) in Taiwan? I’ve done some googling and can’t find it.

A few of those fatalities listed above are indicated as having received 12 (twelve!) vaccine doses.


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That must obviously be a mistake? There’s no way nine people on there could have had 12 doses (especially as none of the others had more than four).

Besides, 12 doses probably grants one immortality.

Maybe they’re the recipients of the En Chu Kong Hospital Doses :rofl:

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Holy crap. I gotta check that in the morning.

Had to be an error in my translation program.

Wait. I see what happened. Someone at the CECC uploaded their master Excel database for the entire month of June instead of a PDF for just the 30th. I downloaded it before they corrected their error and removed the link. My translation program must have taken values from their drop down menus and/or other days of the month instead of from the regular form fields for just the 30th.

Computers. Gotta love them!

I‘ll fix it tomorrow.


All corrected.

For some strange reason, the main database they uploaded confused my translation program and added a “1” before those who had 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccinations and made them “12”. LOL Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

As an aside, I’d like to whinge about the CECC and their abysmal daily reports.

It appears that they have multiple people working on it and not one person who is in charge to keep things consistent. For example, sometimes they type in “Stroke” or “Cancer” or for a chronic disease history for some of the cases, but then on the same report, they input "Stroke, etc. and “Cancer, etc.” or “Cancer metastasis” for other cases. It’s really frickin’ annoying to program my translator to catch all this added crap.

When it gets to the column on Symptoms, the inconsistency is really fucked up and time consuming. They really need to standardize the report to make it easier for themselves and especially for me. I mean, come on…“burnout”, “exhaustion”, “tired”, “general tiredness”, “weak”, “weakness”, “wheez”, “wheezing”. Chabuduo!

The only standard thing about Taiwan is that there are no standards!

Edit: You know,I wonder if the underling who uploaded the master database yesterday got in trouble. I have access to everything, so I can see how they made their database and although I’m not a computer programmer, I could have done a much better job standardizing how the data is presented. I mean…is “Survey” (still under investigation) really a symptom? Should it be there? Looks like a bunch of filler/boiler plate crap. They simply could have written “Unknown”. Is “Diagnosed at residential facility” a symptom? No. Ok…gotta stop the whinging…it is what it is…time to go outside…guess I’ll put on my mask!


Yeah, you’re right about all this. Their daily reports are pretty ugly to look at (overlapping and/or vague terms, inconsistent capitalization, stuff in the “symptoms” column that aren’t symptoms…).

Wait, are you making/translating these PDF files? I thought they were coming from the CDC itself.

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There doesn’t seem to be an English version of this spreadsheet on the MOHW website. Strangely, despite having the government of Taiwan by the short and curlies, they’re apparently unable to find a few coins down the back of the sofa to pay for a translator. Or indeed to pay for someone who knows what they’re doing to compile all this information in a manner which can be auto-translated and analysed for patterns.

Here’s how it works.

  1. The CDC/CECC created an Excel (crappy) database to track their death numbers/stats. I’ve got the master now. Ha, ha ha.

  2. They then convert the day’s report, such as June 30, 2022 to a single day report in PDF format and post it to their website, unless someone fucks up and posts the master Excel database like yesterday! I’m still smiling. Right around the press conference time, from 14:00-14:30 usually. I copy that link and put it into my daily reports in case anyone wants to see the original in Mandarin. Below is yesterday’s original.

  1. I download their PDF, convert it to Excel, adjust the columns, rows, margin, spacing, etc. Basically fix any of the fucked up shit that appears on a daily basis. No rhyme or reason or consistency to the mistakes I see. Can’t be one idiot working on this…has to be multiple people doing their own thing. That’s why the daily reports always look a little different from day to day. Sometimes they even post the exact age of the deaths, which is cool, but mostly it’s the 90s, 80s, crap. Oh…font and size varies too. Sometimes 10 point all the way to 18 point. No consistency at all. Soup to nuts.

  2. Then I run it through my translator program that I wrote and translate it to English.

  1. Then I look for inconsistencies and added words to add to my termbase for the next time.

  2. I then put the data into my own nice and consistent Excel spreadsheet for proper presentation.

I started doing this for my own interest and then it got a bit out of hand, so now I do the daily numbers…well…daily…


Does the master file have a list of the number of deaths in ages 0-9 and 10-19 years old? I’m trying to get total numbers.

It’s huge! Tell you what…I’ll send you a link so you can download it and look. It’s EXTENSIVE with thousands of lines…over 6K!

PM with download link sent.

Check the first tab. 總表(內參) “General table (internal reference)”

This is where most of the good shit is.


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