Coronavirus Testing

I couldn’t get an appointment so tthe husband and I did the walk-in pcr test this morning at Shuang Ho hospital at 8am. It took about 15 minutes and most of that was filling out forms. They do the testing check-in at the emergency room entrance door, then the test to the right of that outdoors. Then, you go into the emergency room area and pay the bill. Bring copies of your health card, ARC if you have, and NHI card. They ask if you want same day ($7000) or next day at $5800. We’re going to pick up the results at 7pm.


I’ll pay top dollar for same day result.

Because you might be at a stage of the infection where your viral load isn’t high enough to be detected when you do the first test.

Rapid antigen tests are less sensitive in asymptomatic people and people who are very early in their course of infection. Therefore waiting 36 hours before tests increases the chances of catching an infection.

Question for anybody who got a PCR test for flying in Taiwan: Did the certificate you got in Taiwan state the precise time the sample was taken or only the date, but not the hour, please?

Yes, the report stated the time of the examination.

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