Coronavirus Testing

I cannot go home to Canada for Chinese New Year because I have no
time for a 14-day quarantine. But I do however, plan to go to Canada
this summer (Whether or not my contract get renewed).

Along with the 14-day quarantine, anybody who goes to Canada right
now (Canadian citizen or not) has to get a COVID-19 test done. The
test has to be done within 72 hours before you go on board a plane
to Canada. Here in Taiwan, where exactly do I have to go to get my
COVID-19 test done? Has anybody here in Taiwan ever done a COVID-19
test? When they test you, how long will it take to get the results?

I’m gonna be honest with you. If you’re talking about 6 months from now, the rules then will be unrecognisable from today.

We don’t know what they will want in July/Aug.


And I would recommend you don’t buy a flight ticket months in advance.
It could be one of those where you will not get a refund (for years).

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You’re right.
I think I am being too hasty.
I hope the rules will change by
then because you know this
testing thing is only temporary.

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I did buy an airfare to Toronto back in July, exactly 16 days before the date
I was scheduled to leave. But as soon as I got a job offer to work where I am
now, I was able to cancel that flight and I got the refund at a full 100%.

Otherwise no, I will not book any flights right now at all.

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That is a tragedy.

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I saw an ad for Covid testing - by previous appointment-at Far Eastern Hospital. Could be useful info if anyone needs to travel soon.

Does anybody know if there’s a way to get a Covid antibody test in Taiwan?

What’s the tragedy about that? Didn’t you read that I got a 100% refund of my airfare?

Isn’t it pretty readily available at most hospitals now? I know it’s possible at Cathay General Hospital since it’s listed on the registration page. Test results available the following afternoon (Mon-Fri).

Starting from January 26, 2021, air passengers entering the U.S. are required to provide negative COVID-19 test result that is done within 3 days before departure:

When I was at Taipei Hospital (Siyuan Road) yesterday, lots of people there were getting COVID tests for travel. No idea how much they charge.

You can find a list of hospitals that provide COVID-19 tests and how much they charge here:


I don’t see no list on this link.

It looks like they just uploaded a new version and removed the old link. I have updated the link. Please try again.

Thank you for sharing this! Can you please post the website’s URL where you found this list?

Also, they probably don’t have this list in English, right? :frowning:

Dies this link work?

Is the list with price too. in Chinese.

It’s the designated hospital list for out-of-pocket COVID-19 PCR testing.

They just updated it again today (and removed the one from the 11th):

Not sure if this was available before, but here is an English-language list of hospitals for self-pay COVID testing:

Direct link to PDF:

Webpage link:

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