Coronavirus Vaccine Discussion

I thought I would start a thread on vaccines. This article compares some of the vaccines that have been making headlines recently.

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Interesting that there’s no sub-heading: “Should I get the vaccine?”.
There’s only a short note in the middle, with a negative punchline:

“A Covid vaccine won’t be compulsory though - no other vaccines in the UK are, and experts say this approach doesn’t help create confidence in the vaccine.”

I’m not an anti-vaxxer, and hope this thread doesn’t descend into such black & white entrenchment of positions. But I don’t see why everyone needs to get this jab, and further, not having the jab shouldn’t restrict a person’s opportunities or freedom of movement (hi, Qantas!).


I way of thought is, I fly to UK get my 2 vaccine jabs, entitled as of my age.
Get a certificate to say done.

Could I fly back to Taiwan and no quarantine?

I think most likely not!

I will get it as soon as I’m convinced it’s safe. As far as freedom of movement is concerned, I’m sure this will happen, at least in some countries.

I’m highly unlikely to be offered any vaccine for the foreseeable future. When I am I’ll take it. I don’t think it will be massively effective, but it won’t do any harm.

There are now 3 vaccines with over 90% effectiveness now. But the problem no one wants to talk about is that it’s less effective in overweight and obese people. This might be a serious issue for countries like the US and UK.

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I’ve been banging on about this.

I spoke to my dad (retired GP) and brother (consultant neurosurgeon) and the only vaccine they would consider is the memorably worded “Oxford one” (@Brianjones) . And that’s the one that is being least considered on account of its declared efficacy.

Note to self: knock out a 98% effective vaccine across the entire sample and make billions.

Well it is going to be high on the options list because it’s govt sponsored, it’s cheap , it’s easy to ship, this type of vaccine has good acceptance already . 70% effectiveness in one trial, 90% effectiveness with low and high dose supposedly. It still requires two doses though.

I’ll post a link I was watching from University of Oxford about it.

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We’ll see how things pan out, but the Oxford one is the one for people I know who are medically qualified. There could be a British bias, of course.

Oxford has a great reputation for a reason .

I personally wouldn’t have a problem with taking any jab having passed the first three clinical trials.

The Oxford trial still has to collect some data, it’s not done yet as far as I know.

All the vaccines are an experiment of sorts, we won’t know their relative long term protection until they are widely used. It’s just the way it has to be.

Nytimes have a “vaccine tracker” that’s quite useful.

There been cases of fake Covid-19 travel documents being used around Europe and probably elsewhere. So I’m guessing it will take time to develop a “vaccine passport” that is accepted by all border crossings. So even if a vaccine or two is broadly available by next summer I’m not too sure we will be back to normal.

Vox earlier today had a piece about whatever the heck is going on China. Short version, they’re “vaccinating” tons of people but there’s no good “data” on what that actually means or how effective the “vaccine” is. Heavy emphasis on the scare quotes.

I’m also curious about what Russia is up to, with their Sputnik vaccine from a few months ago. I’ve always assumed it’s mostly nonsense, but I haven’t noticed much coverage of it.

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Good article on Oxford vaccine .


Would you trust Pfizer’s numbers though? They have a history of bullshit,_Inc.

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Indeed. There’s no vaccine for an unhealthy lifestyle.


it means its bullshit lol.

If it gets me into Taiwan, I’ll take it. :wink:

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But there are plenty of drugs that help people who have disease caused by unhealthy lifestyles. Statins alone are a $20 billion/year business. The diabetes drug market is over triple that.

Maybe this is why the world has to shut down until there’s a vaccine? If the virus kills too many of the people with metabolic disorders typically associated with unhealthy lifestyles, it’ll be very bad for the pharma industry.

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