Coronavirus Vaccine Discussion

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I thought Taiwan bought 30 million astra Zeneca doses

Is Taiwan going to start vaccinating soon?

Discussion on that topic is taking place here:



I used to have a black cat, so I am not superstitious.

Now that the Taiwanese government approved the AstraZeneca vaccine, Do not be surprised if any specific person who got the jab gets a blood clot, just wait and see.

Will you be surprised if anyone gets a blood clot without taking the AstraZeneca vaccine?


Only AstraZeneca is available in Taiwan.

What I meant was people get blood clots all the time regardless of whether they have taken a vaccine.

in other words, will you be surprised if anyone gets a blood clot after drinking a glass of water?

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Everyone is well aware of the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide.


Why do antivaxxers somehow think they know better than the experts?

I and others have posted sources from actual medical experts saying it doesn’t cause blood clots, yet the tinfoil hat antivaxxers somehow think a post by Fat Dave the warehouse picker packer on Facebook is a more valid source of information.

The :clap: vaccine :clap: is :clap: safe :clap: stop :clap: spreading :clap: twaddle :clap:


Put yourself forward for some testing that is taking place in Taiwan.

I am not an anti-vaxxer, I am just being vigilant to make sure that the vaccine is safe. I don’t want to take a vaccine and end up with a side effect that will threaten my health or even my life.


Such as yourself?

You can’t possibly know that the vaccine is safe :clap:

Nor can anybody else. It is logically impossible to know if it’s definitively “safe” in every possible aspect. What we can say at the moment is that it appears not to have immediate life-threatening consequences, and perhaps that’s good enough to say “oh, fck it then, just give me the vaccine if it makes you happy, and let me go about my business”.

That’s not the same as saying it’s safe.

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I’m listening to the experts who have said it’s safe though, so your argument makes zero sense.

I’ve read what the health experts have said, that the vaccine doesn’t cause blood clots and I believe them. In what way is that me knowing better than the experts?

““This vaccine is a safe and effective option to protect citizens against COVID-19,” Emer Cooke, executive director of the EMA said March 18 in a news conference.”

In what way is me listening to Emer Cooke and believing and trusting her, somehow me knowing more than the experts?

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I’m pretty certain nobody has made any such pronouncement. If they have, they’re either lying, or they’re incompetent. Pronouncing it as safe is logically impossible, as I said. I have adequate academic background to say that authoritatively. The reason is that you don’t know what “unsafe” consequences might appear later; these are unknown unknowns.

You have not understood what is being said. “This vaccine does not cause thrombosis” is not logically equivalent to “this vaccine is safe”.

““This vaccine is a safe and effective option to protect citizens against COVID-19,” Emer Cooke, executive director of the EMA"

EDIT: fine, Emer Cook is either lying, or incompetent. I’d happily say that to her face if you happen to have her phone number.

The correct statement is: “given our current test coverage on this vaccine, we believe the risk of mass rollout to be acceptably low”. But the distinction would probably be lost on a public without any scientific knowledge in general, or knowledge of the discipline of testing specifically.

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