Coronavirus Vaccine for Children in Taiwan

This thread contains information on where/how to get children vaccinated against #covid-19 and answers questions

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Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for children aged 5-11


Moderna vaccine for children aged 6-11


Food and Drug Administration expects to spend seven days testing the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines for children, with the aim of administering them to children before May 20.

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Schools, medical facilities to arrange for vaccination starting May 25


Government provides hospitals, health centers and doctors with BNT vaccine for children aged 5-11.

Demand is high. A lot of people are lining up early, some even reserve their spot a day prior.
Hopefully next week it will become more accessible.

e.g. Nantou City Health Center was provided 80 vaccine doses for 5/27. All spots were taken ca. 1h before the place opened at 8am.
Local doctors were also given just a few doses.

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The government assures everyone that there is enough to go around. My understanding is that supplies for BNT are, in fact, plentiful. And then they provide 80 doses to a health center. Are they f*&^ing crazy? At every stage of this there has been a fight/mad rush at the beginning. Masks, vaccine appointments, rapid tests, booster shot appointments (what am I missing? toilet paper?). And now BNT for kids. It’s getting really old.

Child vaccine rollout

  • Taipei’s health bureau said that between May 28 and 31, one children inoculation station will be set up in each of the city’s districts to provide the vaccine to kindergarten children whose parents are unable to take them to their schools to get vaccinated. Parents can make appointments for these stations every Tuesday or Wednesday using Taipei’s online platform.
    Parents can also make appointments to have their child vaccinated at 16 of the city’s hospitals that have COVID pediatric clinics.

  • In Tainan, Mayor Huang Wei-che (黃偉哲) reported that since initiating child vaccinations on May 25, the city had given out 11,029 jabs by May 27.
    Currently, the city is planning to deploy medical professionals to schools in the city on June 7 to provide vaccinations to more children.

  • In Taichung, Mayor Lu said the city was able to get 12,000 more Pfizer BNT vaccines for children from the central government, adding that parents could make appointments for children ages 5 and above beginning Saturday with the city’s hospitals for sessions between May 30 and June 2.

  • Kaohsiung announced that it will launch five community inoculation centers specifically for children on Sunday.
    Beginning next Tuesday, four hospitals will also initiate special pediatric clinics for vaccination with appointment available now over the city government’s website.
    Additionally, the city also aims to complete children inoculation at schools before June 8.

  • New Taipei also provided a time frame for completing child inoculation in schools, which will be June 10.

  • Keelung will establish a child vaccination center at the southern square of the Keelung Train Station on May 29.
    The city said there will be 1,000 jabs of Pfizer BNT children’s vaccines available for children ages 5 to 11.
    Also, 500 slots in the morning will be open to children with residency in Keelung, while the other 500 spots available in the afternoon will not have such a restriction.

  • Nantou County, reported that a total of 1,158 children had received the county’s 1,800 vaccine doses.

Taiwan’s six special municipalities will each set up a large-scale walk-in vaccination site where COVID-19 vaccine shots for children aged 5-11 will be administered starting June 1

in an effort to promote COVID-19 vaccination among young children, cities and counties are arranging for contracted medical institutions and elementary schools to conduct mass vaccination events for eligible children

If a young child contracts COVID-19, he or she can only be vaccinated 3 months after recovering

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My daughter is getting her Pfizer shot today. Just in time too. Our apartment building is one giant Omicron petri-dish now according to our security guard.

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My daughter should be getting hers today, but can’t because she’s quarantined.

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Sorry to hear. How are you feeling now btw?

Fine. Just going to be very bored for the next four days.

I did explain to my wife the results of her following all the rules.

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Four days… if you start WAR AND PEACE on your Kindle now, you’ll be just about finished same time as your quarantine.

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I know I keep banging on about it, but so many rules have become nonsensical now. The quarantine rules aren’t going to make a dent in slowing transmission. As for restrictions on people entering the country…

It’s now embarrassing. But, my wife follows them to the letter and genuinely believes in them.

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I think it’s the inconsistency too. Rules for thee (international travelers, immigrant workers), but not for me (locals).

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You could extend that to the people who make the rules. They never apply to them, anywhere. So, they don’t care how stupid the rules are or how much inconvenience they cause.


My daughter got hers last Friday. No side effects. Just some redness around the injection point.
It was the first day it was available with huge demand, so I had to line up 2h before health center opened to get a spot.

My wife’s younger sister (20+) got covid last week from her boyfriend. She is sleeping the whole time and barely eats anything, feverish.

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I think the symptoms from Omicron for younger people will be worse in Taiwan than in other countries because we haven’t had any general build up of immunity over the past two years. There will probably be a higher percentage of symptomatic cases than observed elsewhere. Similarly, this winter’s flu season will be a particularly bad one.

I worried about this with my kids because my wife loves to spray their hands, mask them up, change clothes as soon as they come in etc. They don’t really get sick.

But in the end, the five year old had a fever for two days but no other symptoms. Ate normally.

The ten year old had aching muscles for a few hours and no other symptoms.

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Our ten-year-old is getting his first BNT vaccination tomorrow (Thursday). He has a swimming lesson on Sunday. I will be cancelling his lesson. Just thought I would pass this information along to other parents.