Coronavirus vaccine in Taiwan - Feb/Mar 2021

By age and health condition.

Ask the folks who were here for the tuberculosis pandemic or even before that, the smallpox one. Or the polio vaccination drive. They should have more experience regarding foreigners.

Perhaps I must have been influenced by this lady on Facebook who is against the vaccine. I should have listened to her and I will never take her words again, knowing
that she is a supporter of QAnon.
BTW, I think I got that the words chloroxide and chloride mixed up. Thanks for the correction. Also the Potassium Chloride is not in the Moderna vacines.

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I don’t think it would matter if it was, to be honest (within reason, of course) - it seems that potassium chloride solution can be used as an injection to treat low blood potassium. They obviously wouldn’t include it at the levels necessary to cause fatal arrhythmias. And potassium and chloride ions are both present in the blood anyway (if they weren’t, we’d die).

Yeah, some of the stuff people post on Facebook is ridiculous.

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I am old enough to have been included in the Polio Vaccination Drive in Australia about 1960. Put the fear of God into us all - a long line of howling kids, watching the Doc up ahead with his huge Syringe - held about 20 doses as it turned out, needle was changed between shots, and we all got a Candy after!! I was in High School when they did the Smallpox and TB ones - less fearsome as we got older, though still a few fainted while waiting their turn.

Vaccinations for Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox etc were sometime later and High School kids were considered too old, and in most cases we had managed to contract them in the first couple of years at Primary school in any case - Heard Immunity I guess - though I have had a Shingles shot a couple of years back after seeing a cousin suffer badly.

Good, I would never trust the Sinovax from China anyway.

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Good heavens man, I thought I was old and we got the oral polio vaccine!

No vaccines for measles, mumps or chicken pox. They made the rounds at school…which is why now I am desperately looking forward to the shingles jab. I know too many pals and relatives with shingles. Harmless diseases my foot!

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New timeline—first vaccine arrivals now pushed back to April:



Hope to be able to get one before flying back home (mid November). Should be fine, Taiwan logistic is very efficient.

The first shipment of 200,000 doses arrived today.
(Edit - another source says 117,000)


This first shipment is apparently not part of the COVAX allocation, which has been delayed. They are reportedly part of a direct purchase—the first 117,000 doses out of 10,000,000 from AstraZeneca. More details on what happens next here:



AstraZeneca vaccines have now been approved by Taiwan’s FDA. If there’s no further drama, Taiwan’s vaccine rollout may start next week:



Strange that they did not wait until the blood clotting controversy is resolved where another day or two would have brought a lot more clarity. According to a survey published yesterday, many Taiwanese health care workers are not so excited about getting vaccinated with this vaccine, at least at this moment

From the article linked above:

[Minister] Chen stressed that the government will make sure the vaccine is safe to use before allowing Taiwanese people to be vaccinated after reports of blood clots forming among some people who had received the inoculation, leading 13 European countries to pause their vaccination programs.

The European Union’s medicines regulator, the European Medicines Agency (EMA), is currently reviewing whether the blood clots are a direct result of the vaccine and is scheduled to hold an extraordinary meeting on the issue on Friday (Taipei time).

CECC spokesman Chuang Jen-hsiang (莊人祥) said the center’s meeting in Taipei will look at the reasons why some countries have suspended administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine and study any recommendations put forth by the EMA.



We should have our hat in for some of these.

BBC News - US to send 4m vaccine doses to Canada and Mexico

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Vaccinations in Taiwan to begin on Monday:



Perhaps they would prefer the Chinese shot?


Apparently, that is the political issue. If Taiwan can’t buy vaccines from abroad, its desperate Taisheng will get it, the Chinese vaccine I mean. It is already a requirement to enter China and as long as they have a vaccine passport, they can travel for business. Hence, double pressure: people clamoring for the vaccine while certain elements are doing everything to wreck the purchase.

Average A-Tsai will get antsy when the rest of the world is traveling and they can’t. They are already easily manipulated by the media.

And since the press got wind of a possible Taipei mayoral candidacy for minister Chen, the attacks on the performance of the CECC have increased. Vaccines are a weak spot beyond our control, and where China can mess things up for us.

BTW, at a talk show they referred to WHO as CHO, because of the influence China has on that body.


Oh hell no!


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