Coronavirus Vaccine in Taiwan - July/August 2021

I think everyone suffers a bit from AZ. I felt bad starting after I went to sleep on the day I got the shot, felt bad all the next day, and then started feeling better two days after the shot. Nothing you can do. Rest and hydrate. You actually don’t want to not feel anything, which means your immune system is doing nothing! It gets better on the second AZ shot. Moderna is exactly opposite from what I hear (the second shot knocks you on your ass).


I guess I have to go down to FamilyMart to get a temperature reading, I don’t have a thermometer, only a mercury one. Maybe that’s better than their ‘hand reader’.
I just got the mercury reading, 39.5C … oh wait, that’s the current temperature in the penthouse without AC.

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Don’t think it’s been posted yet, but here are the vaccination numbers for yesterday.

228,971 jabs total

1st jab: 215,674
2nd jab: 13,297


In a couple of weeks we will finally start to see the 2nd jab numbers start to shoot up.


Just had a look at my second jab date, September 29. 9 weeks.


Are you supposed to register again for the second? Or would they sent us a text when it is due.

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15million pfizer doses coming in? couldn’t the government just have done this like 4months ago?


the 15million doses from Foxconn, TSMC, and TsUchi?

it was a whole ordeal

They could have maybe have kicked off this in May,but its done now

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Have you just joined this party? We’ve been discussing this for ages.

If you’re interested, I refer you to this specific thread, where these issues have been hammered out ad nauseum:



That’s 10 weeks. And at least 10 is what it’s supposed to be, well at least here in Taiwan.

And I will get mine right away instead of waiting for 12 weeks. I think booster shots will be needed and so I don’t see any advantage to waiting longer.

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An information sheet I was given tells me to go back to where I got the first shot to make an appointment for the second. I will keep an eye out for more details, like how early we can go to do this.

10 hours into vaccination I still feel fine, no complaints yet. I’m staying hydrated, I had a good filling lunch, mostly veggies. I even had a small coffee.

What I especially liked today is that there is no need to que up, you have a one hour slot to get your shot. Just arrive in the allocated time, no need to go early.


How refreshing when someone points out something positive for a change. Most of the time we are focusing on the bad things in life.



Good news! Glad to hear your are feeling well. Have a good night’s sleep.

I’m scheduled for a jab at a city hospital next week. A bit trepidatious, more because it’s a city hospital than the jab itself. But I chose it over a clinic thinking it was my best chance.

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Looks like the longer time between vaccinations might actually be very good. At least in case of Pfizer and with old people.


More and more reports like this one. But considering how Taiwan isn’t exactly flooded with excess vaccines and how booster shots will almost certainly be needed, I’ll be getting my second AZ shot as soon as it’s allowed (which is 10 weeks from the first shot).

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Up to 45 weeks

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Interesting. I would consider the second one but not the first. Many reasons.

  • A longer delay of up to 45 weeks between the first and second dose of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine leads to enhanced immune response after the second dose.
  • A third dose given more than 6 months after the second dose leads to a substantial increase in antibodies and induces a strong boost to immune response against SARS-CoV-2, including variants.

So, 22 hours after getting the AZ shot I have no major complaints. No headaches, no fever. My arm does not hurt at the moment and there is no difference between my left and right arm. The only thing I have is lower backpain, but that I already had before, it’s just more painful now as I didn’t take any pain killers that I normally take. The pain pulls down into my leg at times, so that hurts more too.

But AZ jab related issues, don’t have any yet. Let’s look again in 2-3 hours.