Coronavirus Vaccine in Taiwan - July/August 2021

You are probably in the clear then, other than arm soreness, most people start experiencing the side effects the night after vaccination.

The only problem is when you hydrate enough, it is not giving you a good sleep, got out of bed three times to go.


Just had my first dose as a teacher, so far no issues. The entire process of getting the vaccine went smoothly.

Fill out a form the day before. Day of arrive and get a number get called up to take temperature and check if you are registered. Then proceed to another counter where they check your paperwork, after that walk to a 3rd counter where they check your paperwork and assign you to a seat. Sit down nurse/doctor comes by on a stool with wheel and goes over your paperwork again. Finally the doctor/nurse comes by and gives you the shot. Took about 20 minutes not including the wait afterwards.

My only complaint is that all of the paperwork is in Chinese, including information about AZ.


Good news. I’d say you’re in the clear now too. I think most adverse reactions happen same day of the shot. Good luck.

How can you fill out the form the day before? Is the paperwork available online somewhere? Or can you get it from the place of vaccine in advance? If it’s all in Chinese I’d rather get it beforehand and have someone write the necessary information in Chinese.

We have this one. Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for.


My school sent me a PDF packet that contained the consent form along with information about AZ. I think it’s pretty much the same as the one here


Thanks for those links. I’ll check them out.

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Looks like them, I just made a copy of the Y/N questions when translated with Google translate/Lens.

Seems like vaccine doctors are getting shafted.

Chen says no one has to pay for the shot. Gives clinics NT100 per shot, but they don’t get reimbursed for 3 months, or a year later. Meanwhile doctors are complaining this is not enough to cover the expenses of running of the clinic. They are out of pocket and it hits their profits. They say Chen bad.

Something like that anyway, from what I can gather from the Google translation.

The government shafted more than that, business, ordinary people, low income families.


With vaccines going forward, the government is—according to this report—seemingly all in with Moderna:



Reuters also has a brief report on this Moderna news:

I have not been able to find a clear delivery schedule on this new purchase; if other forumosans can track this down, let us know!

From the Reuters piece I could only find this:

Cabinet spokesman Lo Ping-cheng told reporters that the new order for Moderna vaccines, which comes on top of 5 million already ordered, was signed on Wednesday.

“This number is slightly more than the 30 million doses we had originally expected,” Lo said, though he declined to say when they might start arriving. “We must strive for smooth delivery according to the scheduled time.”

I think there is no paywall for this article if accessed through Singapore’s CNA:


What the hell does Taiwan intend to do with all these vaccines, assuming they actually arrive?! Between the “privately” purchased Pfizer (15m?), the Moderna above (36m), the rest already ordered through Covax etc plus the domestic ones coming on line, there will be far more than the island could ever use.

Booster doses for 2022 and 2023 is my guess.



They can also be used for vaccine diplomacy, or onsold.


Wait, did we also purchase from Pfizer as well? Where did I miss this?

That seems NOT to work given contract stipulations.

Donations seem to be possible but again required revising the original contract.


In Ireland the docs got 10x more per dose administered …1000 NTD.

…And foreign residents.