Coronavirus Vaccine in Taiwan - May/June 2021

Some were able to get to the appointments. But nothing available yet.



I think there was a foreigner on here who was in the priority groups, and got vaccinated recently. So it may simply just be, albeit a very big one, a communication problem?

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@au off topic, but your QR registration system with the automated messages for entering places was an example of streamlined brilliance. Thank you for your hard work.


So I guess the special vaccination event for foreigners 75 years old and older in Taipei is because the new platform has not launched?

65 and older will be eligible starting July 1st. I hope the new platform will have launched by then. I’m not in that group but I think there won’t be a small number of foreigners by the time we get to that age.

I think most of us can handle enough Mandarin to get a shot with a group of Taiwanese. We don’t really need a special event just for us.

Thank you for your hard work.


Because everyone is scared of the media.


Hi Audrey, slightly off topic but:

If you had to edit the system specifically to accept new ARC numbers, then what’s the point of the new ARC format? It should work by default.

If it doesn’t, then how’s it different to the old format, and what is the purpose of the format change?

Related discussions here:

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This should help you be prepared


People have been saying that for past 6 months. Yes it is a complete waste of time.


What does a number format have to do with TWCA and telcos( which I assume you mean telecom companies ?)

All it needs is a change in the regex in mobile apps and servers. Better yet, don’t have any regex. IDs need to be checked physically in any case, at the hospital.

It’s probably beneath Minister Tang’s paygrade to be discussing regexes, checksums and database constraints on a forum with randos.

But it is totally plausible to me, that some assumption has been made at some point around the format of these IDs, and the resulting logic of this assumption has weaved its way into many connected systems, and is very hard to unpick. If there are mainframes involved, add a factor of 10 to the difficulty of fixing it.


Or why so many AI high-tech companies invest and move into Taiwan.

If an app update is being made today with related backend server modifications, then those decades long assumptions could be nullified today. It needs systems design understanding and technical and political will.

Sure. But the minister is already on the forum, with random people. So here’s asking for an explanation as to why.

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I’m happy to reply with context. The new-style ARC numbering provides an opportunity for all agencies and service providers to have a conversation on why not to support them — i.e. it flips the default expectation.

For relevant context in Mandarin please see e.g.:


But it has been reported countless number of times that no one of the agencies actually implement the required changes.

I’m sure you must be knowing about national id numbers in other countries. Let’s take the US SSN as an example. any person who gets an SSN for work (includes citizens and non-citizens residents) which is 1 single format. All required info is stored in the database which can be queried by a licensed agency.

Why not design something like this? What do you see as a problem in actually having a single unified number?

I see the comments on the link you have, similar to what we’ve discussed here. The sentiment is along the same lines - someone thinks the problem is not really there, or too hard to solve. Quoting 1 specific line auto-translated “ Yes, that is, is it possible to have a complete link with the old one after the migration? I’m sorry, we really don’t know the design of each bank’s migration. In the meeting that day, it was mentioned that the follow-up will be used, whether there are stocks, such as the link between the service agent, insurance company’s rules and your bank account, will this link be automatically made after you get it, or you have to wait until After I became the public to apply, I would need to verify and do these things. The relevant financial institutions also have such doubts, messages and reactions.”

Seriously, why make things unnecessarily complicated. The “new” ARC format, promised to ease pain, has helped in exactly 0 situations till now, AFAICS.

The way of going about this is completely wrong.

The NHI number is shared by residents and citizens alike. Why not use the NHI number for everything in public service? Perhaps because the NHI is designed after the hùkǒu system.

In any case this thread is about vaccines, and the agencies involved in MOHW are working to implement the required changes, thanks in no small part to the possibility of only supporting new-style ARC in a new system — Even though we may end up support both styles through automated mapping.


I’m not 100% sure what that is but I would guess that it would look at the number format and allocate the process to follow which ever rules are needed to verify that number.
If this is so, could it be also used for passport numbers for people who are currently staying in Taiwan but are not resident, making it fully inclusive.
I mean at the end of the day we want as many people safe as possible.

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For the initial launch, people outside the NHI system are unfortunately not supported. We’ll continue to work on that.

New gold card holders — regardless of employment status — are freshly included thanks to the Foreign Talent Act amendment.


The city government just informed my wife that she can get vaccinated tomorrow. I’m going to see how the process goes.

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I just read through this whole thing. Really appreciate the advocacy on behalf of the foreign community in Taiwan, even just from a technology perspective.