Coronavirus Vaccine in Taiwan - September/October 2021

Another slow day. I would have thought that they would have started BNT jabs by now.
13,927 doses given yesterday, of which 7,446 were second doses. 1,062,546 are now fully vaccinated.

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Tentative start date is the 25th.


She got her first shot of AstraZeneca in early June

She’s been eligible for a 2nd shot for a while now…why she doesn’t have her 2nd shot yet I have no idea. Maybe more information about it will come out later.


My son gets it next Friday and my daughter a week or two later. I don’t really care if they get it, but like me, they want to travel.

I told them not to exercise for a few days after the shot. Anything I missed?

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Likely because of the governments policy to favor first doses over completion of second doses. Just because she had reached 10-12 weeks doesn’t mean she was able to make an appointment for her second dose. Many are still waiting, but the next round of AZ has been opened for second doses so it should help.

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Smart move.

Liberty Times reporting that 1.08 million doses of purchased Moderna and 640,000 AstraZeneca arriving tomorrow.

Remember, for official and accurate numbers and information wait for the CDC announcement.


It’s all great, but that Moderna was especially needed.

Hi. I don’t know where the discussion is going but I have an interrupting question: do I need to make some appointment for a 2nd vaccine shot? I’m not clear how that works.

I was told that yes, you do.

They’re opening up Medigen 2nd shot registration on September 20 I think

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Good luck to Providence!

Drink a lot of water.

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Indeed !!!

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That’s true!


Might be

That is my sole (yes, and selfish!!) reason for being grateful to see more Moderna on the way.


And CDC have confirmed the Vaccine Shipments mentioned earlier -
640,000 of Astra-Zeneca to arrive tomorrow afternoon (17 Sept); and 1.08M of Moderna to also arrive tomorrow evening (17 Sept).


And up the numbers go again - mainly A-Z second doses. 201,189 doses given yesterday, of which 161,678 were second doses. 1,225,096 are now fully vaccinated.


蓋率48.97 %,劑次人口比54.19 (劑/每百人)。

So it looks like we’re looking at over 5% (of the total population) being double vaxxed now.


I can’t find a Vaccines - Taiwan September 2021 thread, so here it goes: more Moderna coming tomorrow!


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