Coronavirus Vaccine in Taiwan - September/October 2021

People waiting for Pfizer I guess

They’ll be waiting a long time unless they’re under 20.

One of my colleagues opted only for Moderna and was complaining on LINE today that she still hadn’t had her shot yet… well, yeah, if you had been open to AZ you would’ve gotten your jab a month ago. :man_shrugging:

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If anyone wants Medigen, no need to pre-book just contact any clinic or hospital that are doing vaccinations and ask if they have. From the CDC


from actual media 21萬劑高端打不掉? 指揮中心開放「免預約直接打」 | 疫苗湧現搶打潮 | 要聞 | 聯合新聞網

Got AZ’ed up today!

Just want to thank the lads on Forumosa; I regularly check the Covid-19 threads for news and advice and you’ve all been very helpful. Cheers.


Good luck tomorrow! :face_with_thermometer:


If you think the Taiwan Appointment system is confusing, imagine what they thought in South Australia when they found that one person had 40 bookings. Probably not intentional on the part of the individual, just a confusing crappy system it seems.

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Drink water, mineral water, lemon juice with ginger. Rest. Take care.

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From the UK this week. Really don’t get what CDC thinking


When did you register willingness, and when did you register for an appt?


Plot twist: piloted by the latest Taoyuan breakthrough…

(Edit -obviously impossible, but…)

Nah, that pilot did not come from Luxembourg. He flew to and from Chicago, then Brisbane, with the former longhaul destination the likely site of infection.


Is it the same to schedule the second dose for Medigen?

No idea, I think the second dose they will notify

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We are at the beginning of a potential Delta outbreak so if you haven’t had a shot or have one booked, it’s a good idea to get the medigen. Travel is just an afterthought, and you can get other vaccines later


400,000 az donated from Poland arriving tomorrow.

Wondering if these are donato-swaps


And its coming on EVA too - shiverrrrrr - BR66 tomorrow morning.

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Great news. Maybe I’ll be able to get my second shot after all! What is it with Eastern European countries donating to us (Czech, Lithuania, now Poland)… is it possible they just like pissing off bullies like China after their own decades of Soviet oppression and/or aggression, or am I looking too much into it?


Second batch of BNT to arrive on the 8th. No additional details.


CDC announced that second shipment of bnt is reserved for cute cats