Cost of English Kindergarten (Taipei)


What is the school fees for English Kindergarten in Taipei ? Any low cost school around Nangang ?

15,000 to 20,000 a month for full English.

HESS, (one of) the biggest chain(s) costs about 25k per month.

“English” local kindergarten may be in the range of 20-30k per month, in Taipei.

Unit is NTD.

including registration fee and everything else?

Not including the registration fee and books.

Kid Castle and Sunshine seem to cheaper than Hess though from your figures. I think Happy Marriam is a bit more too, but I’m not sure.

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roughly 40% of their cost is registration fee for most schools, I guess.

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Confirm what everyones saying here. My experience is 20-25k a month plus 20-25k a semester registration fee. Quality differs drastically. More expensive doesn’t mean better quality, just means more expensive.
Public kindy is about 16k a semester in total.

Public Kindy will be in English ?


Thank you All, so min English is 15-20K Per month + 20K Registration fee ?
And are Kid castle and Sunshine in that range ?

Some of them will teach English. But I think it’s only the kindergartens at the experimental bilingual elementary schools. It’s not all in English though. Just maybe a few lessons a week.

Isn’t there a law against teaching English to kindergartens?
Or am I mixing it up with a different law?

Teaching English at kindergarten is still illegal. Singing, story time, etc. in English are not prohibited. Teachers should be with right credentials. Iiuc.

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The good ones have 5 hours of full English with a foreign teacher every day, but they are technically illegal. No one cares though.

So, you can have a English kindergarten, but you can’t teach English there?


Meditate upon that question persistently, my friend, and eventually you will transcend this earthly realm.

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This time a billion. A lot of the pricier (into the 30k+/month range) are schools that somehow managed to tap into the ultra rich and cater to the desires of the parents by making sure the children all produce perfect finished products to take home and put on “fabulous” performances a few times/ year while neglecting to teach them how to brush their teeth, tie their shoes, zipper their coats, identify the sounds of zhuyin (or English), etc. basic things that take a few weeks or months of practice for a pre-K or kindergartener to pick up but will now take these children many years of practice and maybe even need physical therapy after age 6 to learn. (But I’m not speaking at all from experience teaching at an elementary school that has kids from one of said 30k+/mo kindergartens wherein over half of the second graders still couldn’t tie their shoes and at least 4 kids were in physical therapy because they didn’t have sufficient muscle development in their shoulders or hands to hold a freaking pencil.)

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That freaks,me out as,a parent and teacher.

I’m very happy with the kindergarten my children attend. From pre-k to da-ban they teach kids to be independent…

dress themselves
button buttons
ties shoes
fold clothes
use scissors
use a paint brush
hold a pencil correctly
say and write the ABCs including sounds
say and write numbers 0 to 20
climb…every kid learns to climb a rope bridge/ladder thing
jump rope
even ride a bicycle
brush teeth properly
will help potty train in pre-k

they do this in addition to the usual arts and crafts and performances…which have been really fantastic.

Seriously happy with the school. Worth every dollar.


I have a full day class for kids age 3-6. $16,000 a month plus $500 a month for supplies. All English. We are in NTC :blush:


What is NTC ?