Costco Thread 2019

Winter set of the Craft Brewed beers are out! This time around it’s IPA, APA, Brown Ale, and a Stout Ale. Current price is NT$979.

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I have been to costco in London and US.

And there is Taiwan… where they actually bring their whole family from kids to grandparents and have them fall in line in all free tasting stalls.

Does Costco in Taiwan ever empty???


Just in time. I was starting to run low.

Never. lol

Costco is a great day out for all the family. You leave the grandparents sitting somewhere looking bewildered then off you go. Waiting in line for a cube of something free on a cocktail stick. Letting the kids run riot. It’s all such fun.

Best of all, at the end you can have a hotdog. Remember to seriously load up on the free relish - you don’t want to miss out on a freebie like that.


Don’t forget to stock up on chopped onion!

And God forbid if you’re in the market to buy a chair. Good luck actually trying it out. Wouldn’t want to interrupt the old guy napping or the young woman playing a game on a phone six inches from her eyes as she sits directly under the sign asking customers not to rest there.


I honestly don’t understand why can’t they just stay home if they wanna nap?

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Free air con.


Horrible for singles like me.

All I care is let me push my cart and let me grab my proteins, veggies and carbs. Stay the hell out of my way.

It’s hilarious how no one stays in the refrigerated area for more than 10 seconds. I like my time there picking up my veggies in tank and shorts.

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We always have a game plan ready before going in. Map out our route and what we want, leave no time to browse except for what we pass along the way. No sampling, no matter how tempting. Just charge through like a quarterback running for the end zone. There are two rules for us:
Rule One: Avoid the toy area at all costs and do not let our kid out of the cart, even for one second. If we do, all hope is lost.
Rule Two: Never deviate from the plan, ever.


Avoid going during the weekends. I go after work during the week and it’s not bad at all. Taipei might be different, though. I go to the Zhongli one.

I can go after work to Zhonghe. We used to go to Neihu during lunchtime and it was psuhing our luck. None of these are attainable on weekends. Ever.

Someone pitch in with the conditions in Xizhi and Tamsui.

I live in Nangang and the closest one for me Xizhi. I have not really tried going there on weekdays since I got work. I’m shock that no matter how early or late you are on weekends, theres gazillion people. In comparison to when I was in US, the first few hours of opening costco doors have almost no one in it.

I live in Nangang and I go to Costco Xizhi.

So reading my comments reflect what it looks like there.

Hey at least the Neihu have two floors.

See also: Ikea

Nappers and chillers as far as the eye can see…


That’s me too.

Problem is I cannot quarterback through the crowd :sweat_smile:

You got those slow walkers. Then you have those block all possible route people.

I have to gentle tap their asses with my trolley and they get the attention. :sweat_smile:

The dry goods are usually empty. The area where my protein source is the worst. I wanna scream I want my chicken breast, salmon, pork tenderloin and beef mince!!! Gtfooooooooo!

but it’s my favorite area… 8(

Ikea is reasonable.

It is homey.

Costco on the other hand…

That is why I like Zhonghe better. It is all one floor, so don’t have to stand in line to go up or down a floor.

Has anyone seen Costco’s chocolate gnache cake at any of the locations recently? I went to Neihu looking for it, but they did not have it. Food for Foreigners posted it on Facebook a few weeks ago. If you have seen it in the past couple days, please let me know which location!

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