Could Forumosa do automatic news feeds from Taiwan News & CNA?

That way people wouldn’t have to post them.

Would still give Taiwan News hits.


I’m just saying it saves people time.

We’ve tried that kind of thing before, I don’t think we’re likely to again.

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I think this might be a way to accomplish that - and there are probably other ways discussed on the Meta Forum at Discourse

As @tempogain noted, we would probably think carefully before we try something like that again

If its not a touchy topic, what happened? Seems a lot could go pear shape given the jealous and politically sensitive culture we live in.

Or. Get them to pay for advertising?

Yeah. They can pay us to show their what I think is garbage reporting.

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It was the old phpbb site. We wound up with a great number of essentially useless posts clogging up the database. There might be other things that can be done that wouldn’t create that issue, but I’m not really convinced of the utility of them. Easy enough to go those sites if you want to see their news. And definitely easy enough to go to the TN if you want to :slight_smile: This derelict site probably couldn’t handle that :slight_smile:

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Why are you against Taiwan News?
Should I avoid them?

Don’t avoid but be aware that there are quality issues. Read with a critical brain


OK, Hindi is my first language, so it can be hard to find reliable English news sources, especially for Taiwan related news.

Thank you


As long as I can put it, or any news feeds, on ignore or mute or make it invisible.

I like to select my own news, Taiwan news is one of them. But don’t want it pushed at me.

Could we have a Fox News direct feed?

We’re basically headed that way anyway.



Why not skip the bullshit entirely and simply get InfoWars?
It will save the mob over at IP loads of time when they’re asked to cite a source.


Rupert Murdoch owns one 9f your Rugby leagues.

We don’t have rugby leagues. Might you mean he owns our only pro rugby league team? The Warriors?

Do you want me to form some sort of coherent argument on your behalf? And then argue with myself?


Could Forumosa do automatic news feeds from Taiwan News & CNA? @the_bear’s brain while he argues with himself?
:bear: :brain: :thinking:


I’m a Gemini just like Dylan. “I fought with my twin, that enemy within…”

Isn’t it enough that Taiwan News already publishes on its website? It used to be a real newspaper … but sadly those days are behind it.

When? :slight_smile: Kidding aside, it was like an old friend back “in the day”