COVID-19 and World Leaders

Starting this thread for praise, worship, criticism and outright trashing of world leaders we think are futzing around with our lives.

Remember, friends, be kind and watch where your attacks are directed.




Taiwan doing well, if I counted correctly, 107 on the list of most number of infections per million people, never have I been more more enthusiastically cheering on Taiwan appearing low down in the list of nations.

Last column sorts by infections per million.


So Tsai is directing her CDC well?

After all this has calmed down…Taiwan to be admitted to the WHO…and Chen Shih-chung appointed head of the WHO.

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Not without criticism and regarding incoming flights not putting in place a 14 day quarantine fast enough for some, but it is there now.

Tracing contacts has been very aggressive, but in some cases it’s kind of what the hell can you do. One case recently was a tourist who spent the past 4 days travelling all over the island, another was a care giver and traveled all over the MRT and temples and loads of crowded places.


Such “brilliance” in Congress :roll_eyes:

This crisis has shown the world how laughably inept Western leadership is, collectively. No wonder Russia and China are able to dance circles around Western democracies for so long. It’s disturbing.


Today’s WH press conference

  • Sean “Mouthy Spice” Spicer shows up and asks softball questions

  • Trump thinks it’s appropriate to criticize media. Quadruples (?) down on his media attack. “Hard to come together when media is dishonest”

  • on China : On why he didn’t raise the alarm.

  • Trump: I have a good relationship with China and Xi. It came from China. Xi loves China. He respects the United States. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

  • called the State Department the “Deep State Department”

  • Illegal crossings will be sent back to homeland. Working with Mexico to send back additional populations.

  • Pompeo - Says there have been coordinated efforts coming from Russia, China and Iran to “disparage” the efforts to get correct info out to US citizens. “We’ve told them to knock it off”.

  • Stranded Americans: Working to get people get back but if you can get back on your own, do so. Don’t know the full scale of those trying to get back.

  • How long are border restrictions will be? Can’t say how long.

  • On Iran and sanctions. Humanitarian efforts is being done. No sanctions on medicine.

  • Pompeo criticizes Chinese government about not letting other government about their lack of transparency.

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Given the several years of media bullshit it seems appropriate to criticize the media.

This is the media that has pivoted from following China’s lead in talking about the ‘Wuhan’ virus to calling these exact same terms ‘racist’, ‘deflecting blame‘, etc.

This is the media that’s been on a non-stop impeachment crusade. They’re a joke. They have zero respect for democratic institutions.

People need to grow up and show some respect for their own democracies, or lose them.


Trump continues to blame prior administrations.

“we don’t want everybody to go out and get a test. There’s no reason for it”.

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I’ve noticed since all this “fake news” talk has taken flight, folks seem to forget that it was never an issue when it was women, and minorities were “victims” of it.

My suggestion to people who have issues with the media/journalism is learn how an article, which has correct facts and sourcing, is written.

Or find a source you trust and check their reports out.

But this imo not the time to be harping on the media at large.

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If the public wants factual news briefings, they need to tune in to those who are giving them: Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, whose addresses appear with English subtitles on Deutsche Welle. They should start following the many civic-minded epidemiologists and virologists and contagion experts on Twitter, like Harvard’s Marc Lipsitch and Yale’s Nicholas Christakis, whose threads have been invaluable primers in a time of awful confusion.


I’ve noticed if you criticize Trump waiting until mid-March to take this seriously (“but what about mah China ban”) you’ll be met with dismissive choruses of “orange man bad” as they don’t have any real answer to the administration’s gross mishandling of the situation. It’d be like if this happened under Obama and he was downplaying the severity and making empty promises until early March and basically asleep at the wheel, and people pointed out his numerous failings to respond in a timely manner as the country descended into chaos, and I just replied “black man bad” and didn’t actually respond to the criticisms. It took fucking Tucker Carlson for him to understand cases weren’t going to magically go from 15 to zero. I don’t know if the spread could or couldn’t have been stopped. But at the very least we wasted 2 precious months that we could have been using to produce ventilators, masks, and new ICUs for the shitshow that was about to occur. Now the healthcare system will crash without healthcare workers having proper protection and treatment for patients and fatalities will skyrocket.

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Well, his ban on Chinese travelers took effect in late January. As of 8 days ago Joe Biden was calling that racist. There was also a ban on EU travelers.

You think things would be better if Joe Biden was making the decisions, in all likelyhood America would be in the same place the EU is.

So they have had their share of fuck ups too, yes. Plus Trump has made some stupid comments, it’s not like those on the other side of the isle haven’t done the same.

What’s your point?


Guess Trump misplayed the situation as did Boris?

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Thank you for bringing in Boris, because I can comment on whats happening in the UK. Which is to say, no one is taking it seriously.

I chat with my relatives in the UK all the time and the single biggest difference between Taiwan and the UK is people take it seriously here.

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Looks like its becoming serious though. Wish they were right thinking its not.