COVID - Airport pickup and COVID taxi

What is the situation now? are there enough taxis / uber for incoming travelers ? long wait times ?
can i pick up someone at the airport and take them to Taipei in a taxi? or ia it better to come and pick up with a car?

The last guidance I saw a couple months ago said family members could pick up arrivals at airport in their own car. I’m not sure if some kind of pre-approval is necessary or not.

I doubt that the taxi Q or driver will let someone get in the car with a recent arrival. It’s a very controlled line with multiple people watching everything up until the minute you get into the car and close the door.

Thank you ,
If i come in my car, can i park it and go to the arrivals hall and wait for the passenger? do you know how it works exactly?

I don’t think so. Back when I arrived, the only “non-travelers” allowed in the arrivals hall were the staff. The only other update I’ve heard since that time is that arriving travelers may now walk to the parking lot and get into their own cars. I didn’t even know family members could now pick up arrivals at the curbside, so my information could be outdated.

I believe this contains the latest guidance in regard to airport taxis and pick up.

There is newer guidance but not discussing taxi or airport pickup. At least I did.not find any.

This is the latest info provided by the airport:

[Pick up by Family and Friends, Self-driving Travelers :mag: Taoyuan Airport Parking Information]
In addition to taking a taxi of the quarantine fleet, inbound travelers can also choose to drive on their own or be picked up by relatives and friends to get to their quarantine location. Own vehicles must be parked at the terminal of arrival. For Terminal 1, please use car park #P2, for Terminal 2 car park #P4. After arrival back in Taiwan, please follow the signs to your car park.

Notes for pick up by relatives and friends:
:point_right:Free parking time in the car park is 1 hour. If you pick someone up, please wait until the traveler has completed his/her PCR test before you drive to the pick-up area.
:point_right:It is suggested that inbound passengers whose destinations are south of Taichung take the free quarantine bus from Taoyuan Int’l Airport to drop-off points in the respective county or city and arrange pick-up by relatives or friends from there.

Note for self-driving passengers:
:point_right:If departure and arrival is through different terminals, please park your vehicle at the terminal of arrival and then take the Skytrain to the departure terminal.

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Surely we just take the MRT from oct 13 no?

Awesome service.

It’s a free ride home no reason not to take it.

Did they announce that inbound travelers will be able to take public transit starting Oct. 13? That just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Seems a bit soon.

0 + 7 is self-monitoring so was/is public transportation authorized? I avoided public transportation during my 3 + 4 self monitoring phase because I wasn’t sure.

You were right to avoid it. Public transit is on the no-no list during the self monitoring phase, as are hospitals and crowded spaces. But I’m pretty sure they stop tracking your phone once you come out of your quarantine, so it’s not like you’d get a visit by the cops if you took public transit by mistake.

Are there quarantine buses that also go into Taipei? Or only going south? What options do we have going into Taipei if we’re not being picked up by family or friends?

I think the taxi fleet is there to get people to Taipei, right?

The default option (and the only option if your destination is Taipei) is the quarantine taxi.

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And to answer these questions… Ubers are not allowed. You can only take the quarantine taxi (if your destination is within northern Taiwan). There are plenty of taxis at all times lined up at the entrance waiting for the travelers, so the only wait is for the people in line ahead of you to get sprayed down and get into their taxis.

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Thank you. My plan is to come from the city, gree the passenger and join them on the ride back to TPE, from your description i feel this is not really possible.

Definitely not possible.

And if I come with a car, then I wait in the parking till they call me and then i go to pick them up?

Yup. Just make sure you don’t arrive at the parking lot too early, as it will take more than an hour for your friends to exit the airport from the plane.

When I returned to Taiwan some weeks ago, it was still not allowed to take public transport. The advantage of that was that taxi prices were capped at NT$1000 for all destinations in Taipei and New Taipei. I saved around NT$800 through this - and nothing beats a taxi in convenience when you have some bags to carry.

Not sure if the subsidized rates will also expire when people are allowed to take public transport again, though…