😷 COVID - Can you use public transport during 7 days self - health check period?

Hi everyone, sorry but i coulnd’t find the exact answer.

I’ve been awarded an Huayu Scholarship and i’ll start my study period in Kaohsiung by the 9th of March.

As i was scrolling thu the flight options, i saw that landing in Taipei would be a lot easier and cheaper than landing in Kaohsiung. As an example, same tickets’ price range would give me a 2 layovers - 35 hours flight to land in Kaohsiung, while by landing in Taipei i would get a 1 layover - 15 hours flight, which is definetely a better solution.
My question is, after the 15 days quarantine period is over, will i be able to travel to Kaohsiung by train while in the 7 days self - health check period?



The airport has quarantine buses that take you to Kaohsiung.


Fantastic news: this changes everything. Cheers!

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When I saw it on Friday, the price was fixed at $400.

I wish they gave me those deals at Taipei Main Station. Geez… I gotta get quarantined again to take advantage of that! I think it’s $570 to go to Kaohsiung from Taipei Main on a normal bus.

Just book your quarantine and the government will take care of everything for you cause they don’t want you running around potentially spreading it.


I was given the following instructions when I finalised my quarantine and started the 7-day “self management”: https://www.cdc.gov.tw/File/Get/LpahKLHrSbDVv7zfGeOeWw

Public transport is only prohibited if you experience symptoms and need to seek medical advice.

Main rules are always to wear a mask when outside, and avoid public gatherings, incl. eating out at restaurants, going to bars and other crowded spaces.


Book your quarantine hotel in kenting, get the quarantine taxi to take you there ( at a fixed price) do your 7 days self management on the beach.

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You can take public transit after quarantine (after 14 days) during the 7 days of self-management, but it is recommended to avoid unnecessary travel or public gatherings.

One thing to note, you cannot enter a hospital in the 7 days of self health management (they will scan your NHI card at the entrance).