😷 COVID - Canada | Canada Opens Tourism to Travellers - Vaccine Reqs. to End

Some people in border communities, for example students attending school in the other country are exempt from quarantine.

Is/was that a wise exception considering what happened to us?

It doesn’t matter. The polling already shows that despite absolutely BOTCHING the pandemic, the liberals are likely to win again. People are praising the vaccine rollout and amnesia has set in about Canada’s yoyo situation.

Even the Lambda variant is in Canada now. Canada’s quarantine system has absolutely failed and Canada blew past the point of no return long ago. They threw in the towel and all their hopes for vaccines. They had no other plan.

The only metric Canadians use is if they are doing better than the US.


There was a “system”?

It looked like a free-for-all to me.


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Try saying anything negative about the Trudeau government or its handling of the pandemic on r/Canada.

Watch the downvotes flood in.

I avoid that cesspool.

Nothing but high class forumosa for me. :thinking:


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An interesting situation in a place such a Port Roberts. ask all the doom and gloom subscribers for this virus to find a work around for those people that are in the US but locked in by ocean and a canadian border. Not an issue now, but a fun scenario. Not saying this tiny place deserves a country wide policy revamp based on them, but it shows a situation where our decision making can be rightfullly varied depending on specific scenarios rather than a one size fits all clusterphuck.

Or boats, but ya…

Wifey wants to visit
Our relatives in NYC and then visit Niagara Falls the Canadian side
I went once to the American side ……very sedate

Which they are- Deaths per million:
Canada- 707
U.S.- 1,851
Sweden - 1,459
U.K.- 1,910
France- 1,715
Italy- 2,112

Its such a bad idea to use numbers like these in such vague ways, but we do it a lot in canada. US deaths are due in quite large ways to shitty medical services available to everyone, massively larger trade and travel volume, a massively outspoken woke population that stopped the orangutan from closing borders with China which would of been smart (one of te things he was actually spot on about), counting deaths as ccp virus deaths probably too often etc.

Taiwan numbers.

This equates to 52,170 deaths per million of infected this year.


Based on a google result of 23,855,010 population in taiwan in 2021

32 deaths per million.

Canada comparing itself to the USA reminds me of taiwan comparing itself to china. We can always pick a worse place to point our fingers… maybe, just maybe, we ought to worry about becomming great instead of justifying our inadequacies based one someone elses bigger fuggery.


still failing, sorry.


If you’re referring to Trump, as part of closing the borders to China he let 40,000 American citizens and Green card holders enter the US without testing, quarantine, or contact tracing.

Hence the sarcasm. But more ridiculously was he was called racist for wanting to close off to chinese people coming in, after we all basically knew what was going on, and backed down. Which was a good call and he should of done that. But peer pressure (probably because he is kinda racist) let that idea slip away and the clusterfuck that we know today was allowed to progress.

What i find very ironic was a lot of canadians yelling at trump how racist he was in trying to close the border and now i hear the same canadians all paranoid about this virus wanting to close the border with usa. The irony makes me truly laugh. Its also why i dont move back…

Tourism opens again in Canada. Fully vaccinated people will be let in.


Super helpful! Thanks for posting that.


Do they take fully vaccinated pilots?

Check the governments listing, only their publications can be taken to court if a problem arises.




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Canada is large, mostly an icebox, and sparsely populated with abundant natural resources. Easy for it to be wealthy. Covid cases are low or death rates are relatively low because of that, not because of the leadership.

If you took Canada’s population, put it in Taiwan, you would have the Congo. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


What are you going on about?

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I am saying that the politicians in Canada might take a credit for their handling, but geography helps out considerably. Just like natural resources do for the standard of living. Capiche?

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I live in Taiwan. It’s not a ‘congo’