😷 COVID - Canada | Canada Opens Tourism to Travellers - Vaccine Reqs. to End

Good news for our American friends! Now we can finally enjoy dem buffalo wings and awesome meat they have south of the border.

The US does not (it seems) have a clear vaccination passport system.

How could this plan be workable without it?


I think it would be probably solved the way Americans know how.

50 separate systems.


A California-licensed homeopathic doctor was arrested today for her alleged scheme to sell homeoprophylaxis immunization pellets and to falsify COVID-19 vaccination cards by making it appear that customers had received the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized Moderna vaccine.
" Even worse, the defendant allegedly created counterfeit COVID-19 vaccination cards and instructed her customers to falsely mark that they had received a vaccine, allowing them to circumvent efforts to contain the spread of the disease’"

Might be a slight problem with that. Of course, any system can be faked, at least a vaccine card shoulsd be required, issued by a competent state authority and put on an online database.
Really, I have to refrain my giggles at the thought of, say, Tennessee or Florida agreeing to that.

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Premier Ford says “no” to issuing anything like a vaccine passport at the provincial level.


I put back ten chicken wings in a Tops store the other day. Price: $14.

Is the loophole that the Canuks created by allowing Americans wishing to drive to/from Alaska to pass through still there. Most if the Alaska bound ones didnt apparently, they just decided to stop in Canada.

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I haven’t been to Tops in years.

Usually find myself at Wegmans.

The Wegmans is in Ithaca. We were in horseheads.

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Well. CBSA is out of his jurisdiction.

I think you are erroneously assuming canadians are more intelligent than US citizens.

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Those damn US politicians are interfering in Canada’s internal affairs!

Jokes. But it’s good that the border might be opened soon.

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Date established.

How will border services determine the “fully vaccinated” part?


I guess ‘show me your vaccination card’

Ya, probably. perhaps the same as the yellow fever card? Does this exist for the ccp virus, or is it still not serious enough to warrant such actions?

Yeah when you get vaccinated, you get a card.

An update on entry current entry procedures


Some people have been traveling back and forth throughout with no quarantine…
(From what I read. Correct me if I’m wrong)