😷 COVID - Canada | Canada Opens Tourism to Travellers - Vaccine Reqs. to End

Taiwan is an economic powerhouse with no natural resources because its people work hard. Canada is successful because it has abundant natural resources and a limited population (not known for its innovation and RD). I guess what I am saying is that if you took all of Canada’s population, inserted them in Taiwan, you would have a much less successful country.

Only my opinion. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This is a topic about quarantineless entry.

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You brought up Trudeau and the political handling. Fair game to comment mate. Have they been innovative or handled it well? No–not really. Lots of people live in rural areas, urban centers far away from one another…geography is on their side…Easy to take credit, which is what Golden Boy seems to do.

Ok. Feel free to open a topic then.

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Much of it on the backs of blue collar southeast Asian workers laboring 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, for what amounts to poverty wages by Taiwanese standards.

Don’t disagree–same with Singapore and places such as Saudi Arabia.

In some ways, same with Canada…lots of jobs only filled by lower paid migrants, especially fruit picking, fast food etc. (albeit in the Canadian context a path to naturalization is provided)

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This is a bit of a stain on taiwans rep i agree.

Then the definition of “full vaccinated” will change to 3 doses, and 4, 5, 6.

A further stain - not only is a path to citizenship unavailable to the southeast Asian laborers busting their ass in caregiving, agricultural, construction, factory, and fishery roles, after 12 years of contributing to the Taiwanese economy, they’re told to kindly bleep off back home.

Not to mention the brokerage system, frequent exploitation and abuse up to and including rape, and more.

I’ve also had more than one conversation with Taiwanese who argued that caregivers that are basically on call 24/7 don’t deserve the same minimum wage as Taiwanese because then those jobs would be taken by Taiwanese people. As if young Taiwanese women are clamoring for domestic servitude around the clock taking care of senile old men for minimum wage.

Edit - I should probably start a thread on this or find one that may already exist, because for the 14 months I lived in Taiwan, I met my soon to be wife, who is from the Philippines, and most of my close associates were also Filipino. I’ve heard some truly horrid stuff and it sounded extremely commonplace.


Quebec City, here I come!

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Any hints of non vaccinated passengers bein allowed entry anytime soon? Citizens and spouses of citizens? Now that variant evolutions are accepted knowledge, whats it looking like?

I mean… I got in and I’m unvaxxed.

Didn’t expect the border guard to wave me through so quickly.

If you’re Canadian, you can always get in.

Ya, thats good! If you were married to a taiwanese person though…can she/he?

Uhhhh…That I don’t know. Have you called CBSA?

If you’re married to a Taiwanese, why don’t they have Canadian PR?

We havent been back to canada for 5 years. PR means permanent resident? My wife got an ETA (i think that was the abbreviation), a digital thing we did last time to enter. Aside from the visa free entry under a given amount of time she was allowed.

Damn. Typing this i am realizing how long its been and how out of touch (dumb) i am with the current state of affairs visiting canada haha.

Yeah but the ETA is nothing more than that $7 visa-free thingy. A tourist.

PR is permanent resident. She should have PR in Canada if you are married to her for things like this in the same way we would recommend holding onto a JFRV or APRC.

If she wants to go as a tourist, she’ll need to be vaxxed to enter. If she is PR she can enter but she’ll need to quarantine like me if unvaxxed.

Fastest way is to get the vax. When do you wanna go?

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I gotta come clean, i havent checked into it recently and am VERY ignorant. However here we need to live here to get PR, not sure about canada, but we cant afford to leave our company for months, which is why i remember we never went ahead before. I dont even have residence status there (thus no health care etc). Last time we went it was 4 months. I recal the ETA thing allowed up to 6 at that time. And it seemed doing an overnighter into the states was a viable option to come back for another 6 (visa run). Im sure it’s all changed post covid. If we came it would be for 2 months max.

We have no set timeline. But i have old and sick family i would like to visit before its too late, thats about it. Oh, and not winter…haha.

Well…what vaxxes do you two have so far?