COVID Humbug! (2022 edition)

Well, I can, because all the evidence is that those actions had absolutely no effect.

You don’t need a binary all-or-nothing scenario to conduct an observational study on the effect of mitigation efforts. You just need different locations doing different things. If you ever bothered to use Google, you’d find that several researchers have attempted to determine if there is any relationship between the ‘severity’ of mitigation measures and mortality/morbidity. The correlation is basically zero; most studies found a slight detrimental effect associated with lockdowns, although IIRC it was not statistically significant.

Having said that, the control groups that you think do not exist are in fact out there.

Most African countries did precisely nothing to “control” COVID, and they (supposedly) have the lowest impact of the disease. No doubt you’ll suggest they’re just lying, and I suppose they might be, but the fact that they can get away with lying without having to hide mountains of corpses suggests that COVID didn’t hit them that hard. The more plausible explanation is that their younger populations genuinely weren’t affected.

There’s Sweden, of course. You can’t exactly say they did nothing, but they certainly didn’t attempt to force the whole population to do X, Y and Z “for their protection”.

I spent the whole of 2020 in a location where the response to COVID was … erratic, at best. None of the interventions had any scientific validity, and served only to plunge thousands of people into depression and poverty. Those measures were soon (mostly) abandoned, except for a desultory show of checking papers and similar nonsense. I never heard of anybody actually getting COVID until the vax programme kicked off in mid-2021. At that point everyone seemed to be getting it, although deaths remained low.

The Amish went out of their way to get COVID over and done with. They’re hard to study because of their reclusiveness, but as far as anyone knows COVID blasted through their communities pretty fast, and their death and morbidity rate was no higher than, and perhaps somewhat less than, the remainder of the US. Amish are mostly anti-vaxers. Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin together have recorded exactly the same rate of COVID death (2.6/1000) as the US as a whole - the Amish population is small, of course, but presumably if they were dropping like flies you’d see that register in the State death toll.


Amazing how they know what the future brings:

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EU - another group that is corrupt:

I do not. I’m not a politician that has to rigidly stick with party doctrine. A non-politician economist specialising in macroeconomics knows a country’s needs today may not necessarily be the country’s needs tomorrow. But you can’t do that as a politician or you get called flip flop.

Personally, when the cases were initially rather low in the first wave. I would’ve just put $10000 in everyone’s pocket, keep people largely home, ramp up contact tracing, make grocery stores and stuff deliver by mobilising Uber/Taxis/Army for four weeks and eradicated it like it was eradicated in Atlantic Canada. And it would’ve been cheaper. Stay home for four weeks and earn $10000? Who could say no?

Full interview is available on bitchute by user specializedtom:

Imagine that:
Flawed Drosten PCR test at work again, I say.

It’s like Mussolini is back:

From the 10th January, Italians who hold onto their human rights under article 6 of the UNESCO Universal Declaration of Bioethics & Human Rights & do not consent to injections:


Keep you safe:

If this is a real report, I say it is preparation for the deaths from the shots (like the ads on the sides of buses a month or so back):

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FFS. This reads like some shit from The Onion.

Austria’s mandate kicks in at about the same time as Italy’s. I wonder if the vaccinated will be able to keep the trains running on time when the unvaccinated are all forbidden to go to work?

I like that Romanian guy. He does a good job of hectoring the tinpot fascists.


Can you order “fresh air” on Amazon?

They havný been delivering it via the window in Southern Taiwan lately.

I wasn’t insinuating partisanship. That’s why I wrote conservative not Conservative.

(Rigid Conservatives in Canada are anti-PR, so I know you wouldn’t qualify anyway.)

Uber has no business knowing anything at all about me, and certainly not what I eat.

Hope I didn’t trigger you, @finley. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s funny how things turn out, innit. We’ve got a situation here where governments are giving big business a free hand to take over the world, while telling small businesses and individuals that they’re not allowed to work at all. Seems we can agree that that’s a Bad Thing.


I’m not saying uber themselves, but we have the manpower.

I remember predicting this total bullshit:

I recall seeing something about a crazy woman who posted on twitter that she’d had her dog put down because it ‘tested positive’ for COVID. I suspect that may have been untrue, but similar things have definitely happened. IIRC such events were being (reliably) reported even way back in 2020.

Coming soon to a theocracy near you:


Forgot about this. Keeps it all rolling on and on.
No wonder there has been a rush to get tested. Plus, if you are ‘sick’ you get sick pay.
In Wales, they are giving out 750 now.

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Spoke to my sister last week. Did three tests in a week because she had been in contact with cases.

How many would you do if they weren’t free and you wouldn’t get paid to stay at home? None.


“I am not about pissing off the French people,” the president said in an interview with readers of Le Parisien daily on Tuesday. “But as for the non-vaccinated, I really want to piss them off. And we will continue to do this, to the end. This is the strategy.”

Tell you what, some of our so called leaders are coming across as complete psychopaths.


That they are. I just made a comment about this in the Taiwan thread. There seems to be a continued and concerted attempt to demonize “the unvaccinated”, despite the lack of any semblance of a medical reason for doing so (and the fact that it’s unethical and illegal).

I suspect a lot of politicians have simply gone nuts - as have 20, 30% of the general population. Proper Looney Tunes. I’m surprised to discover that few (no?) countries have any provisions for forcing a psychological assessment of their politicians and removing them from office if they turn out to be suffering from mental problems.

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Trudeau of Canuckland said nearly the same thing in Quebec last week.

His presented his hate of the unvaccinated when he questioned whether Canada should “tolerate these people”. He basically said that “a small group of the population” was essentially “taking up space.”

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