COVID Humbug! (2023 edition)


New vid:

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Artificial sweeteners are to blame.
Will they pull them off the market?


Goodness. At least five decades of artificial sweeteners causing heart attacks, and they’ve only just noticed.

Maybe in 50 years time, when we’re on our 287th booster, they’ll notice that COVID vaccines have a few problems too.


I suspect this sets the tone for their sham “enquiry”:

And here’s Sir (pronounced with the policeman’s intonation, meaning “something nasty I stepped on”) Chris Whitty fessing up to causing death and suffering with his ‘pandemic measures’. Presumably he wouldn’t be doing this if he hadn’t been reassured that he’s untouchable.

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800 a week over normal levels??

Here is one of the comments

my aunt avoided going to the doctor as she thought doctors and hospitals were overwhelmed with covid patients. She now has terminal skin cancer! But hey ho at least she avoided a cold!


Well, as they say, if we didn’t lock everyone up/down and mandatorily vaccinate everyone, it would have been far worse :wink:

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The “camps for the unvaccinated” is a reference to quarantine camps in Australia, correct? Since when did you need to be unjabbed to get into one of those?

“This tear we continued to push back against the radical left’s woke agenda and defend your medical freedom.
-Banned CRT.
-Blocked Biden’s COVID Vaccine Mandates…”

  • Gov. Tate Reeves, Governor of Mississippi

CRT has nothing to do with medical care.
Mississippi ranks first in the country for Covid-19 death rate.

Did you read the article?

It’s just more fear porn using cheap psychology to make people with short attention spans (or with long attention spans but too much faith in Slay News) think “the experts” are all in on the covid conspiracy, even while citing several major organizations of experts more or less contradicting the conclusion of the study the article relies on.

This is the actual study:

Conclusions The findings from this large scale prospective cohort study suggest a potential direct association between higher artificial sweetener consumption (especially aspartame, acesulfame potassium, and sucralose) and increased cardiovascular disease risk. Artificial sweeteners are present in thousands of food and beverage brands worldwide, however they remain a controversial topic and are currently being re-evaluated by the European Food Safety Authority, the World Health Organization, and other health agencies.

Note that the study started in 2009. It’s not about covid. Even if it had happened during covid, it would still just be a comparison of cardiovascular health between people who consume artificial sweeteners and people who don’t.

The headline is complete bullshit. No expert said artificial sweeteners are behind any sudden spike in anything – at least not any expert cited by the article. If you do have a citation for an expert saying that, by all means please share it.


No time for TikTok videos?

Obviously this is a shit situation, but what did they think was going to happen?

These leading doctors should have maybe said something when they told everyone to stay home and protect the NHS. They should have said more when millions of operations were cancelled.


Exactly. It was completely bloody obvious, but people who said so at the time were shouted down: “You just want to kill granny”.


Possibly a sockpuppet, but hard to tell these days. I think people genuinely are prepared to risk death rather than admit something has gone badly wrong.

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A cursory read suggests it’s made-up shit, Finley.

Dunno, i didn’t bother to check that twitter account. Is it a real person?

Are you laughing a laugh? “Even if it turns out I injected actual poison…”. Seriously?

Could be. I don’t think you can assume it’s fake just because it’s nuts. A lot of people have gone genuinely loonytunes these last couple of years. When people are forcibly hauled out of a cult by being presented with incontrovertible facts (eg., the aliens didn’t arrive on schedule at midnight on thursday) they generally just invent a new narrative that proves they weren’t duped.

But yeah, i’m not saying it’s definitely real - i didn’t attempt to check. It was just funny. And some real people are not far off that position.

Ed Dowd with data: