COVID Humbug! (2023 edition)

I think those who would buy junk Ron DeSantis says are indoctrinated beyond salvation.

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Today is the three-year anniversary of the inane ‘three weeks to flatten the curve’ in the UK.

So what was the healthcare system’s motive for getting us all to wear useless masks and get inoculated with poison?

Latest on the adverse event data in the UK:



Good grief. What on earth is wrong with these clowns who claim to be running the country? They just walked out? Aren’t they being paid to sit there, listen, digest the facts, and make sensible decisions? There were only a dozen of the lazy bastards in there in the first place.

In my whole life I have never seen anything like this. Even when tempers were running high - say, over the post-911 warmongering - nobody just stuck their fingers in their ears and said “lalalala I can’t hear you”.

Airstrip One is in big trouble right now, IMO. At least in Taiwan the politicians stay in the room and throw chairs at each other.

Interesting to hear Bridgen estimate a figure similar to my fagpacket guesstimate from way back for “cost per saving a life” - several million pounds.


Watch the video and you might get some insight into the answer to that question (you’ll also learn why the vaccine programme was worse than useless, and why the whole “COVID” schtick was a massive scam). Doctors went along with it because:

  • If you adopt the right beliefs you will be financially rewarded.
  • If you speak out, you will never, ever work as a health professional for the rest of your life.

Carrot and stick. It’s a technique as old as the hills, and it still works.


In doctors, we trust!

So many doctors say it’s safe!

Follow your medical authorities!

No side effects! Simply toasty!

And fresh!

Dentist-in-chief highly recommends!

In other news:

“…major news of the week is tobacco group Philip Morris’ entry into the pharmaceutical industry through the acquisition of two drug companies —Vectura for US$ 1.44 billion and Fertin Pharma for US$ 820 million.

Vectura specialises in manufacturing inhalation products such as commonly used inhalers (or puffers) and nebulisers that help people with asthma and lung disease to breathe.

"A unique plant based coronavirus vaccine newly approved in Canada is unlikely to be listed for emergency use by the World Health Organization, a WHO official has warned, because a tobacco company is a major shareholder in the company that developed it.

Philip Morris Investments, a subsidiary of Marlboro cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris International, holds around one third of the equity in Medicago, a Quebec based vaccine maker. Medicago’s vaccine Covifenz, which uses virus like particles assembled from plant proteins, was approved by Health Canada on 24 February."



Who was the guy who used to wash his hands in leaded petrol?

EDIT: Thomas Midgely


Thomas Midgley.

Leaded petrol was safe. Its inventor was sure of it.

Facing sceptical reporters at a press conference in October 1924, Thomas Midgley dramatically produced a container of tetraethyl lead - the additive in question - and washed his hands in it.

“I’m not taking any chance whatever,” Midgley declared. “Nor would I… doing that every day.”

Midgley was - perhaps - being a little disingenuous. He had recently spent several months in Florida, recuperating from lead poisoning.

Some of those who’d made Midgley’s invention hadn’t been so lucky, which is why reporters were interested.

On the Thursday of the week before Midgley’s press conference, at a Standard Oil plant in New Jersey, a worker named Ernest Oelgert started hallucinating. By Friday, he was running around the laboratory, screaming in terror.

On Saturday, with Oelgert dangerously unhinged, his sister called the police. He was taken to hospital and forcibly restrained. By Sunday, he was dead. Within the week, so were four of his colleagues - and 35 more were in hospital.

Only 49 people worked there.

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Oh, so there was an actual conspiracy…

"Twitter Files #19 has dropped. I am happy to have assisted Matt Taibbi and team in putting edition #19 and edition #18 together.

The Files show wide-spread censorship masquerading as “anti-disinformation” and intense collusion between government agencies, NGOs, academia, BigTech, media, philanthropy, the intelligence community, and more.

Tinfoil hat stuff? The Twitter Files show it is real."

“Rather than listening out for safety signals to protect the public, leaders in the “anti-disinformation” field ran cover to protect BigPharma, smearing and censoring critics. The moral depravity is astounding and quite possibly criminal.”

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Here you can see a snake directing other MPs to clear the house when AB talks. Even their brethren across the floor, heed his call and leave.

Imagine that! The instigator is this corrupt parasite (the one on the right in this case):


His Wikipedia page is interesting. Appointed to his current role by Sunak, had a stint schmoozing at an investment bank, and while at public school apparently enjoyed spanking teenage boys.

@FairComment: back in mid-2020, when “two weeks to flatten the curve” had turned into interminable “lockdowns” and other idiocies, I was already pretty sure that something awful was going on, but I was still prepared to believe that it was mostly being driven by either (a) stupid people doing as they were told or (b) mid-level midwits pretending that they were relevant and useful. I didn’t want to believe there was an actual conspiracy. Now stuff like this is emerging, it appears to be far, far worse than I imagined. @cake called a lot of this very early on, and I must admit I was skeptical of some of it. At this point I’m astounded that anybody still believes there was a “health crisis”, or that any of it was All For Our Own Good. It seems the whole stinking shitshow really was a conspiracy to crash the world economy and put huge amounts of power into the hands of a few favoured individuals.

I wonder how much more evidence the COVID fanclub need before they concede that it was all a ginormous scam?


“Why would you lend $100 to your sister, of all people?!”

If your sister is a notorious crackhead or something, that question completely makes sense.

If your sister is a person you trust deeply, the question doesn’t make sense, because the answer would presumably be that your sister is just about the only person you would ever lend $100 (or anything) to.

Countries with higher rates of trust in the government tended to have higher jab rates (compare western vs. eastern Europe). Israelis are used to trusting their own government on questions of safety/survival. So again, the question – how could they let their own people do this to them? – does not make sense.

Covid overall does make sense, if you think about it. Humans have been setting themselves up for this kind of crap for a long time. Just sayin’.

Are you quite sure? I don’t watch UK Parliament much, but walking out on people during speeches was definitely not invented during covid.

I remember being in the room (not Parliament, but a public meeting of sorts) when people actually did do the “lalala” thing. It depends on how stuff is phrased, who’s saying it, and who else is in the room.

His house number “2022”. Same year the Covid vaccine sham began unravelling.

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Well, I don’t follow every second of it, and most of the lazy cnuts rarely bother to turn up in the first place, but the fact remains that their job is to debate important issues. Walking out suggests that they’ve gone to the effort of turning up simply so that they can walk out. Maybe I missed it - can you think of another instance? - but I’m pretty sure something as egregious as this has not happened. They were certainly keen enough to stay in the room when they were discussing the destruction of the country’s economy and the violation of civil rights.

I can certainly believe that. Nevertheless, this is supposed to be the Mother of All Parliaments (even though that’s probably the Althing) and their job is to do what the name implies. Not stomp out like spoiled brats when they’re offended by something. Not much point having a representative democracy if our representatives are just spending their time in the pub whining about (not) listening to the country’s problems.

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This may explain why a Tory MP instructed opposition MPs to leave when big pharma was discussed:



Bloody hellfire. The UK is turning into Zangaro. Bought and paid for.