COVID Humbug! (2023 edition)

LOL. It’s funny how this stuff gets memory-holed. I guess the likes of Fauci and Dentist Chen would tell us the science changes.

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True. A “sudden spike” would be surprising though, unless either the medical condition or consumption of the product category suddenly spiked, but anyway the headline is still bs.

The mRNA mandates are supposed to be China’s fault now?

If he’s running a real plastic surgery clinic anyway, and this procedure takes a few seconds, presumably he’s not taking the $50 for rent and electricity. Also this…

Once screened, Andersen would direct a seeker to make a $50 “donation” per appointment per person via Venmo or PayPal, with the money going to an unnamed “charitable organization.” Federal prosecutors noted that the charity was linked to an organization to which Moore belonged, which sought “to ‘liberate’ the medical profession from government and industry conflicts of interest.”

The defrauding the state part presumably refers to the cost to the state of the 1937 doses, even though those might have been thrown away anyway due to lack of demand.

Throughout the scheme, the group reported the names of all the vaccine seekers to the Utah Statewide Immunization Information System, indicating that the practice had administered 1,937 doses of COVID-19 vaccines, which included 391 pediatric doses. The value of all the doses totaled roughly $28,000. With the money from the $50 vaccination cards totaling nearly $97,000, the scheme was valued at nearly $125,000, federal prosecutors calculated.

And also contributing to wider harms by contributing to the ostracism of everyone who either can’t afford a fake certificate or refuses to participate in such a scheme. Imagine for a moment that all the people who got fake certificates instead stood up against the mandates. If it’s 20% as you say, that’s a much larger movement, making it much harder to characterize convincingly as a “fringe”.

I must say, It’s a bit weird taking $50, particularly in the manner you described. I mean, most people would either take $500 to cover the risk, or nothing at all. My only point here was that he clearly wasn’t out to get rich from it. Maybe he was just a very inexperienced criminal.

Oh, there’s no doubt at all that he’s guilty of fraud on a technical level. My argument was more about their ethics of the case.

Well yes … but the fact is that nobody was ever going to stand up and protest about any of it, and enough eyelid-twitching fanatics were screaming “protect me harder daddy!” to give the authoritarians a figleaf of legitimacy. There are still people clapping and cheering about toddlers being experimented on. The psychological dominoes had already been carefully set up for a society-wide collapse of collective will.

I’m pretty sure the authorities knew that the vaccine-pass thing would result in a flood of fakes. They may even have deliberately introduced some loopholes to make them easy to fake … along with a hook to make it easy to find out later who has done the faking. IMO a moral inversion was the overall goal of the whole thing; turning honest, decent people into criminals skulking in the shadows is an essential component of any authoritarian theocracy. Good people must start to believe that they are the bad people. When the arrest occurs, they must be psychologically primed to confess their crimes.

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Cough syrup bad, the elephant in the room, ignored.


Is this good that the WHO have pointed this out, or bad?

The new Chief Scientist of the WHO - Sir Jeremy Farrar is a WEF goon, has ties to the World Bank, and Co-ran SAGE in the UK during the pseudo pandemic,
When the next button is pressed, expect the WHO to go full on tyranny, dictating policy where ever countries signed onto their control. Democracy in action.

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Imagine that!

I saw that earlier. Not sure if that’s for real. As far as I can ascertain he is not a Pfizer executive (and he certainly doesn’t sound like one). But I’d like to know who he is and if anyone can verify his identity.

Bloody Jeremy Farrar, unfortunately, is exactly who he says he is.

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The new normal. Handed out to school kids who are encouraged to get cardio screenings:


Just looking at UK death statistics at the moment. I see that, on average, 1660 people in the 5-19 age range die (all causes) each week. So apparently we can expect 0.75% of those deaths to involve “undiagnosed heart issues”? Hmmm. Possible, I suppose, but … yeah, well.

Project veritas is known for manipulative stories, but not for spreading lies.

But there clearly is a difference between gain of function and directed evolution.
Gain of function in a classical sense is to mix two different viruses (either in a lab or by nature) to create something new.
Directed evolution is more like let’s see where it most likely evolves to. So that part by Malone and the comments put into the video are deceptive.

The actual point is that we finally have someone in a high position admin that the FDA and Co. Is ultimately paid by big pharma. Everyone knows this but no one admits it.

We really need to change the way to make this impossible. It’s like politicians later working for companies making big cash. Who would not think that before they may tip of or influence something already.

This video is good proof about how we went down the vaccine and lockdown path without any proper studies into if it works or not.
I’m sure Pfizer didn’t deliberately make their vaccine unsafe. But once they noticed it is they didn’t want to lose their cash cow and did everything to keep it selling…

Jeremey Farrar, Director of Wellcome Trust, which is owned by none other than…Glaxo (GSK)! :laughing:

TL;DR: All in all, I’d call it, “Bs until proven otherwise.”

(What I can see is that there’s a fair amount of internet scrubbing going on with this one).

Some say he’s bona fide, with “internal Pfizer proof!,” some say not.

Who knows if this bio below is fake? Made by the guy himself, or another:

There’s plenty of reddit rabbit holes on the guy as well :grimacing:

This guy did some background search on him:

With a reply from another:

Hi Brian, to me it looks like nothing in his bio adds up.

Here are some inconsistencies and strangenesses about all the info on Walker you provided: (I’m of the opinion that he might very well be a fake, so we need to be very very careful - I write for Brownstone Debbie Lerman, Author at Brownstone Institute, in case you need my Covid warrior bonafides.)

  1. Why all the aliases? I’ve never met a legitimate doctor with so many different name combos

  2. In the May 18, 2020 article about Covid treatments, his name as an author is listed without an MD (whereas one of the other authors has it), although he supposedly graduated from Med School in 2018.

  3. His date of NYS licensure (which needs to be verified - I’m not going to do that now, but somebody should) is October 2021, right in the middle of when he’s supposed to be working as a consultant at Pfizer. What’s that about?

  4. All his research is on urology and is very very basic - not someone a recruiter would look at and consider a candidate for a brilliant research or consulting career. Of course, there the equity and inclusion factor, but still…

  5. On the match list from 2018 it says he went to USC, but his resume says UT and Yale, no mention of USC

  6. The match list says he matched with a program at Tufts Medical Center and the USNews profile says he did a urology residency there 2018-2020 but his resume says he was a resident at Mass General (a Harvard hospital) June 2018-Nov 2019.

  7. Urology residencies are extremely hard to get into and are FIVE YEARS long. Harvard Urologic Surgery Residency Program. Did he drop out after a year?

  8. The timing of his various academic and professional positions doesn’t add up. On his resume under experience it says 6 years, but he only worked as a consultant starting in November 2021 and had a year of work 2013-2014, presumably before medical school (whichever one he might have attended - or not?)

  9. None of the people he follows or who follow him are people of color. You might say this is a racist comment, but in my experience with friends who are in different racial communities, there is usually at least a 50% representation of their own racial group in their social media friend community, and usually much higher.

  10. His pinterest profile has nothing that looks like he actually pinned - all totally generic

  11. There is absolutely nothing about this guy before 2019 that says top pharma exec in charge or worldwide operations. Highly, highly suspicious.

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What planet have you been on the last three years? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Incidentally, Canada is about to experience an anniversary protest this weekend, right when the local government in Ottawa is debating whether or not to reopen the street in front of Parliament to motor vehicles. That’s probably not the best way to promote pedestrianization, but it’s one way! :cactus:

What I want to know is, did the pamphlet exist before 2020, and has any of the content changed?

CRY has been around since 1995.

This (below) appears to be the 2015 pamplet. Same front page as above. Can’t verify if identical without seeing what’s inside the above.

Their literature is available for download here.

Some historical publications and newsletters also here.

Side note: Covid vax booster shots now not provided for healthy under 50s in UK.


Would be nice to see Midazolam Matt Wanksock taken to the cleaners for his lie here.