COVID rules and Buxibans

Hi guys,

For those of you that are back in the classroom already, how have your schools dealt with the regulations?

Has anything changed since before level 3 in regards to your classes? Are there now fewer students in the rooms (should there be)?

Or are people back to teaching in overcrowded, unventilated rooms. Assuming that was the case before level 3 of course.


I visited a local one just the other day. They were pretty much following all the new rules. They had signs posted on all their classrooms with the maximum number of students allowed in that room, along with classroom doors and windows left open. All the desks had corrugated plastic dividers around them. The front door had the QR code check in and info about their covid tests and who got vaccinated.

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What was the max allowed or does it depend on room size ?

Different for every room. The max was 6 or 7 in a room. I’m not sure if the teacher is included in that number or not.

1.5m*1.5m space per person


Small rooms. At our place, it is between 9 and 15 students.

All the classrooms had the number allowed posted on the door.

Not all classrooms have windows though. Looks like some rules will be followed and some won’t.

I’ve heard some places are trying to get around the window rule by leaving the classroom door open. They try to say that allows fresh air into the classroom.

That is what my place is doing. Doesn’t make much sense if all the classrooms open onto the same hallway. Hardly any schools are going to be able to comply with all the rules. And if they do, they will go out of business. No school can survive with half the kids they had before in a classroom. The government will turn a blind eye after a few weeks.

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Was the rule for cram schools different than other schools? It always was 1.5 square meters/kid for experimental schools, even before COVID

My school is planning to do half in the class and half at home. Looks like every school and cram school in Taipei will be that way soon if the mayor follows through with his plan. My plan is to require the kids to bring tablets to class and teach it like it were all online anyways. Half and half is nonsense. I don’t care if we’re online or in person, but grow a pair and make a decision. Fucking dumbass mayor.


It was 1.5 before Covid. Isn’t it 2.5 now?

I dunno. I was quoting above. Is there anywhere that the new rules are posted? The Taiwan laws site that I always refer to doesn’t seem to have anything posted

in other words, 2.25 square meters.

Yes. That is right. 2.25m2 not 2.5m2 like I said.

What plan are you referring to?

He plans to require all schools and cram schools to conduct classes with 50% in person and 50% online. The schools and the cram school association told him to fuck off, but he has the last word regardless of what anyone else wants. I don’t have faith he’ll make the right decision.

Well, on the one hand, financial viability (none), on the other, cram schools have been cramming too many children in to one room for too long. This is up there with everything else with regards to real estate. It’s been over-inflated for more than a decade while wages haven’t budged. Even more or less profitable businesses (though my understanding is that cram schools don’t actually make that much money) are going to fail. At some point, landlords are going to start cashing out or will be forced to lower their rent costs. One dreams…

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Oh. I was interpreting 1.5 x 1.5 as 1.5^2, which is what it should be, even if it’s not?

1.2 square meters per kid for cram schools.

2.25 square meters per person is almost double.

Id be happy if this was the catalyst of forcing home and rental prices to become more sane. I doubt it will, but One dreams … :slight_smile: