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I called the CDC. Extension 7 for English service.

My taofang is not suitable. I have to stay in a hotel.


What reason did they give?

They probably just used the output from a Magic 8 Ball, as with other CECC policy decisions. :whistle:


I live in a “Tao Fang”. A larger apartment that has been divided into smaller separate apartments, each with it’s own bathroom.

Is there a common, living-room kindof area? If yes, then they won’t allow it.

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If a several people enter the unit at a single address through a single door, this won’t work for quarantine purposes.



How is “one person per residence in his or her quarantine location” authorized and confirmed by Taiwan authorities?

  • Do you give an address upon arrival, hope for approval, and be open for them to visit anytime while following all other guidelines?

  • Can quarantine residence be authorized and approved in advance before departing for taiwan?

“An arrival should observe the rule of one person per residence in his or her quarantine location or stay in a quarantine hotel”


Effective immediately, weekly cap of arrivals increased to 40,000; starting…

CECC, July 4:

Despite steadily decreasing COVID case counts, Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) on Monday (July 4) announced that its 25,000 per week cap on passengers entering the country and “3 + 4” quarantine will remain in place indefinitely.

During a press conference on Monday, CECC Spokesperson Chuang Jen-hsiang (莊人祥) was asked when the weekly quota on arriving passengers would be raised to 40,000 and if the “0 + 7” quarantine policy would begin before the end of the month. Chuang responded by saying the Cabinet held an inter-ministerial meeting to discuss the subject, but given the overall situation, the decision was made to maintain the limit of 25,000 visits per week.

CECC, July 7:

On July 7, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that it will increase the total number of arrivals allowed entry every week to 40,000 beginning today

Anyone know why they changed their mind so quickly? Is it just that they didn’t have any other fiddly rule changes to announce on July 7?

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It seems some questions asked by media during conferences regarding policy changes lead to those changes pretty soon.

Maybe they should keep asking when 0+3 or 0+7 will be implemented until they change it.

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I can tell you from personal experience that the old 25,000 persons / week cap was causing genuine trouble: 5000 arrivals / week for every non-Taiwanese airline combined—that was the quota allotted to them all—led (at least in my case) to mass cancellations of flights to and from Taiwan. No doubt formal complaints were made. I don’t know if the new cap of 40,000 persons / week will solve everything, but I do hope it helps. I need to get back!



How do obtain approval from Taiwan authorities to stay at personal residence?

I don’t think they are checking. I just put in my address. I’m heading to quarantine now. But maybe they auto check and just don’t tell you anything if it’s approved?


Thank you for that update.

I’ll be returning to Taiwan this weekend.


My recent 3+4 experience returning to Taiwan

Day 1 quarentine, 4pm, received call from Foreign Affairs Police, asked if quarentine ok, if alone one person in residence, if need food and water, said CDC will send me a line message and reply with “1” if everything is ok

Day 2 quarantine, 10am received text from CECC asking about my health and I replied feel normal

Day 3 quarantine, 10am, received text from CECC asking about my health and I replied feel normal

Day 4 quarantine, started self test at 4pm and completed at 415pm, no covid indicated

Day 5 quarantine, went to store for necessities like food and water

Day 6 quarantine, started self test at 545pm and completed at 6pm, no covid indicated

Day 7 quarantine


Very helpful. Thank you!


This is basically the reason. Apparently your own door has to have a number on it ie. it’s own address

You can call cecc extension 7 for English and confirm with them. That’s how I did it.

The +4 you can really go out and do what you like as long as you keep your mask on… No need to semi quarantine… Cannot sit down in restaurants.
Can eat alone in a room or with social distancing outside. They clarified this sometimes that eating is essential so as long as alone in a room at work or outside in a park far away of others its okay. Just try to avoid like travel.

Some things like if eateries count as restaurants are sometimes confusing. 1911 tells different things in this. Same as which rules prevails on masks in mountain settings (essentially if you ride your bike or hike somewhere remote without mask no one is gonna care. I still would not post pictures on social media of that. Kinda a don’t tell don’t ask situation).
I would not go into department stores, no expensive restaurants and no bars. Wear mask a bit more ovediently. Don’t go to festivals even if outdoors. That’s about it.


My daughter and I are about to return to Taiwan. On the “Follow quarantine rules & Enjoy your carefree return” pdf it offers two options:

“Quarantine hotel” or “One-person-per-residence”.

My wife, who follows the ‘rules’ religiously, has been told by a work colleague that “One-person-per-residence” means that my daughter and I will need to stay at a quarantine hotel for three days. Given the wording this makes logical sense, but I appreciate that the wording on English websites is often open to interpretation and logic went out the window a long time ago.

Does anyone know for sure whether three people could spend their three days of quarantine in separate bedrooms in the same residence, or do I have to look for a quarantine hotel?

When in doubt always trust the chinese wording.

I feel english translation of any government statement seems to be deliberately open to interpretation.

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