Covington Catholic High School incident


Its really easy to brainwash people, repeat messages on the media daily and reinforce it thats all it takes. Its hard to backtrack on emotions once its triggered and people have a vested emotional interest in defending their position. After a while brainwashed people won’t even want an open discussion cause it could threaten their point of view and they will resort to violence to defend their viewpoint, everything goes out the door including the old identity of being a peaceful, non violent, non racist non prejudice party that the DNC claims to be.


LMAO… The bias is strong with this one… This kid did nothing wrong. Nothing.


You’re either stupid or willfully ignorant at this point. These kids handled themselves as well as any group of 16 year-old boys could be expected to. They were shouted at and called “faggots” “n-word” “crackers” etc… and their response was some spirited school chants. When the group of Black Hebrew Israelites called them “faggots,” the boys responded by saying “Hey. You can’t be using that word like that.” They were great examples of how to handle a situation like this.

Take off your blinders…


The ones I saw were in a store. Are you saying they were fakes? :hushed:





This remains the level of thinking:

It’s not been made open to below the line comments presumably because they realise how easily it would get torn apart. “When will we ever learn?” - When you understand what fair, fact-based, non-partisan journalism is.


I like how he thinks this shit is actually newsworthy to begin with. Totally out of the loop


The Guardian’s business model leaves them without the option to back down. This is why discussions get polarized. When no one has the option of backing down, then one side or the other needs to be decisively defeated.

This is why politics is NOT the art of compromise. But enough about the shutdown.


I wonder what kind of reaction it would get in Taiwan


Not much…high schoolers have been caught a few times dressed as Nazis and whatnot. Uproar came from foreigners, not Taiwanese.
Now, if high schoolers made fun of aboriginals, we might see sonething, but not death threats, doxing, etc.


Key word = fair.

Media outlets have been effectively gaslighted, and many climbed down from coverage which was based on the most clear and obvious interpretation of the boys chanting, making gestures and making tomahawk chops.

Because if the media is unwilling to make a fair interpretation of events then it’s reduced to making silly claims like that fair interpretations of events are some kind of enemy, which reduces to “fair play is an enemy.”

I understand how the Guardian, with its begging for money at the end of every article, would feel really wounded by the velocity of social media, that the narrative there moves so fast that journalistic fact-checking becomes unprofitable, that sheer velocity seems to triumph. Surely they realize that legacy media is suffering financially because it lags. What puzzles me is why (in this case) they yield fair-play interpretations of events like Covington to social media in the first place.

I guess the overarching takeaway from this story is that the Guardian is feeling crushed from all sides. This piece seems more a self-pitying lament than a news story.


So my facebook feed is blowing up with shares of this :

Seen it about a dozen times since last night and a ton of people that I know seem to be in lock step agreement with it. Trust me the title is misleading but seriously read this. Not for what the author thinks but for the sad fact that this is fairly representative of what a sizeable portion of the population thinks. (at least where I’m from… Which is a bubble so good lord I hope it’s just that. )


I’d probably get attacked by an SJW English teacher or two.


Sighhh. Oh well. (read the article, btw)

Goes to show, most people with living memories will never give the benefit of the doubt to the other side.

Look at Japan. Still hated by nearly every East Asian country for its atrocities. Look at Germany, still apologizing for atrocities by an Austrian it let do horrible things by the SS, etc. Look at Russia, still painted like a mean bear trying to take over the world. So many more examples of the 20th century atrocities still not dead in people’s feelings about them.

Moral of the story, give it maybe 100 years at least before there’s no more of this (this being the article above). I’ll be dead, so, until then I just try not to become the next target of whatever and educate my children about what not to talk about in public. It’s a sad world we’re in now, but it’s the only world we have, so do with it the best you can.


Yeah, they’ve dug in. They need to win now, only other option (in their heads) is they loose.

It’s a faster-moving version of the Kavanaugh hearings. Like Kavanaugh, they see Covington as a set piece in a larger morality play where white, male, privileged, Christians alive today are fair targets for destruction because the real struggle has dragged on for decades, centuries. Ends justifies the means. They’re wrong about today’s events, but it doesn’t matter because their ends are of a higher morality.

Reminds me (again) of the Puritans, of when they decided to shoulder the burden of gatekeeper to morality. Ends justify the means.


Thank you for your service :grin:



Wouldn’t read past the racist salutation.


Dear White Boys? That author talks about “whiteness” as if it’s some kind of strange, powerful juju.