Covington Catholic High School incident


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Can we do something about that “speach” typo? It’s seriously triggering my OCD.


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The Covington kids outrage is the ultimate example of current year fake news.


It’s anti-Catholic bigotry, is what it is.

Most Irish Catholic boys are assholes, but about half of them grow out of it eventually. It’s culture, not race BTW. They’re raised that way.

They’re certainly not raised Republican, however.

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That stuff like this makes it to the front page of cnn is really telling for the state of media these days…


Shit ton of people on my facebook feed calling their school in hopes of getting them expelled and destroy chances of getting into university

White kids who simply stand and smile is literally how the holocaust started!!1

On Twitter I was reading that some kids’ families are considering to sue any media outlet that still pushes the “omg they attacked a poor native american” bullshit even after the full videos have been released.


At least redit/r/news has done a 180 from yesterday, when they were calling for a lynch mob. Thread from today

One of the top comments

Still a lot of people on Reddit blaming the media for the clusterfuck. You did this to yourselves, you maniacs. Hundreds, possibly thousands of comments yesterday calling for doxxing, threats of violence, expulsion, they’re all rapists (?!), call the school, hurt the parents, hurt the kids, hurt that kid because he’s smirking, hope he never gets a job, hope his life is ruined, his life should be ruined after he pulled that smug racist shit…and over what?

That’s not on the media, that’s on you, because you couldn’t, for 4 fucking minutes, ask yourself what objectively is happening here. “I don’t even need to watch the whole 4 minutes; I can just look at that thumbnail and see this smug racist rapist is exactly what’s fucking up the country for the rest of us.” Fuck off. Fuck off so hard.

It’s one thing to be a keyboard warrior, and another to spam these kids with death threats because of your 20 second justice boner. This won’t just blow over for them like it will for you. Fuck off. Fuck off so hard.

Borderline psychotic lynch mob mentality. There was one Hollywood Director I think it was calling for the kids to be put through a wood chipper with a neat cartoon.


god i hope these kids win a lawsuit. hard.


Would it be sued under libel?

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My thoughts exactly.
Yesterday before I even knew the whole story i was just pissed about it. I would have bet money the kids were in the wrong. Certainly looked like it from the surface. But to try to ruin their lives without actually having all the facts was driving me nuts.

Like… of all the issues in the world to care about… this is what makes you stop to place a phone call? To enact revenge? Of all the Sarah McLaughlin burning puppy videos… nope. its this.

Also, if you really cared so much. Send the native american dude some $$$. but nahhh. this is better… give me a break. Lot of hate in this world and unfortunately i think a lot of it comes from a sense of victimhood and miscalculated self-serving justice.


You’re not the only one, Scott Adams was among those that were piling on the kids, he did another periscope apologizing after he watched the full footage.

Depends on what was said, there were a lot of threats and incitements to violence. A few lawyers have offered to work for the kids and school pro bono and other groups have been collecting every tweet, facebook post, news story and are planing to serve anyone who incited violence or calls for doxing.

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Not sure why anyone believes edited videos for anything anymore, not that it even looked like much to me.

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Media were butthurt that Mueller called out their latest bullshit story from Buzzfeed, so they went hard with this one to basically push the point Trump and his supporters are still a bunch of assholes, especially white, all males wearing MAGA hats from an affluent Catholic school.


I saw the clip that went with the original narrative, and thought, “Why is that guy banging his drum in the kid’s face?”


Why is he though. No one ever explained this. What’s he doing?

Not sure it takes that much for the media windmill to wind into gear, the drop of a hat seems like enough.

He originally lied and said he was being harassed by the students, and when the full video came out, he changed his story to “he was trying to intervene between the students and the group of black Muslims who was taunting them.” We’ll have to see if his story changes again when more information comes out.