Covington Catholic High School incident


Let me guess…collusion with Russia?



Maybe, but I suspect that only the Democrats (esp. the Washington Post) know the facts concerning Justice Ginsberg’s current health. Wouldn’t be surprised if she’s close.


When it happens they’ll have people scouting all social media platforms 24/7 to find anyone cheering about it.


And they’ll all immediately be branded as antisemitic, misogynist white supremacists.



protesters protesting protesters

rubes arguing on the interwebs

Russians laughing their asses off

America spirals further down the shiter


Always got the feeling that they’re actually not kidding when they assert that blacks cannot be racists.


And of course Jim Carrey had to weigh in.


I’ve said this…but joking around. It took me a while to realize people are dead serious.


So not only do Carrey pictures suck nowadays, but Carrey’s pictures actually suck, too. :thinking:


Still better than that creepy TV series he did recently. :grin:


Surely you have seen Democrats (liberals) call for violence against Trump supporters. Surely you have also seen videos of liberals attacking Trump supporters.

Think back to WW2 when Hilter called for violence against the Jews and nobody took him seriously. This will get worse in the runup to the 2020 election. I can see this turning into a situation where liberals will be attacking anyone who supports Trump or doesn’t support the Democrat party.


But are they really that stupid? It’s pretty obvious which side is tougher and better armed.


The Democrats were badly traumatized by Trump, no doubt. Irrational, authoritarian, huge chip on their shoulder, and they’ve soaked up all the brittleness Trump supporters had in 2016 - and don’t seem to realize it.

If you wear a red MAGA hat, then you must be a racist >> that’s textbook nuts.


I really need to get one of those hats next time I’m in Oregon. I saw them on sale for like three for ten bucks last time, but didn’t pull the trigger.


“Whiteness endlessly forgives its own transgressions,” University of Pennsylvania associate professor Ebony Elizabeth Thomas wrote on Sunday about the confrontation between Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann and Native American Nathan Phillips. “It rarely, if ever, gives those of us it harms and maims and kills time to process our motions [sic].”

So, I guess she believes “Ebony and Ivory” can only live together in perfect harmony on a piano keyboard.



I think you have to buy them online. (The MAGA hats.)


Have any of you seen the full video, there is about 2 hours of footage. It’s ugly and there were 3 groups involved not just the kids