Covington Catholic High School incident


I just looked it up, he did claim to be a “USMC Recon Ranger” in 1972. Which is odd cause a Ranger is part of the US Army like you mentioned


I wouldn’t sweat it.


Turns out Phillips has a history.


The courts have overturned these laws on freedom-of-speech grounds.


It doesn’t surprise me, but really I think this is not about Nathan or some kids hanging around wearing stupid MAGA hats or even the black Israelite’s shouting racial abuse.

It’s why is any of this news? If you have ever lived in a major city, weird wack jobs are an every day occurrence.

and what got the internet so fired up they started to wish for physical violence on the kids?


Very true. This would have just been a slow Tuesday afternoon in the Bay Area. The culture war is going hot for sure.


I had the same feeling when they ran the Trayvon Martin story, it was debunked in 24 hours yet they persisted in a false and misleading narrative, I was like why are they pushing this 24/7?

Then they ran Michael Brown, and Freddy Grey and others whose name I forget, and then I got it, ah, it’s a media campaign.


A few thoughts:

  1. Every incident will get filmed these days.
  2. It’s easy to doctor that footage.
  3. With a 24 hour news cycle the media needs a continual supply of controversy.
  4. Journalistic standards have fallen so low that they no longer fact check anything.
  5. A lot of people make money out of controversy.


What a piece of shit. It’s incredibly hard to become a ranger and they’re put through hell in ranger school and on the battlefield. He doesn’t even know the branch of the military the rangers are in. Shows you how much of a veteran he is.


But can they defrost a fridge?


yes, it seems the original content was from a Twitter account that was suspicious. Hundreds of tweets a day, basically a bot, twitter quickly deleted it after a CNN inquiry (they actually have journalists :astonished:) They quickly inferred it was a Russian bot, but no reason not to suspect it was not a Democrat bot since they used them in the Roy Moore campaign.

The other takeaway should be, the Democrats are playing dirty.

edit/ One last take away, the media knew it was a false narrative, they keep doing this, anyone following this story knew there was an alternate narrative, they kept pushing it until they saw the public in general reject it and then, and only then mentioned a second narrative, if like Trayvon Martin that second narrative never reached enough people in the public, I guarantee you, they would have kept pushing the false narrative.


Just watched interviews of the kid and Phillips.

Phillips said that the kids should have to go through “sensitivity training” .



More often then not when a blatantly incorrect narrative gets exposed it just gets memory holed and they stop talking about it. I believe this time several media outlets, journalists, pundits etc etc did a complete 180 simply because many of those kids families were talking about suing.

I do believe those families should still at the very least seek legal advice, because the way this whole thing starting was due a clearly doctored video of which Cnn & friends HAD to know the source material. They willingly decided to report the event in that way, mainly (imho) because they knew of the potential for clickbait and extra views. The fact that now, due to all the backlash, they retracted and said that many things are different etc etc doesn’t change the fact that those kids and their families were put under flak fire for the ratings.


I’m afraid it’s worse than that. When the Trayvon Martin story broke there was only about one website I know that immediately called bullshit and interestingly asked right then and there if the media was about to push for a race war. I think they were right then and I don’t think the Covington boys is going to be the last of these kind of stories. But back then there wouldn’t be enough people to change the narrative, so they merrily carried on pushing a false narrative with no push back.

The common theme which may have some or all components will be Trump supporters, white, maybe with a MAGA hat, Catholic (or Christian), men and privileged. My prediction is the media is about to run stories hating on them something rotten.


Exactly. Their calculus is: start a race war, pretend to be on side of non-whites, win their votes, win election, rinse and repeat (also, continue to add new voters with open borders). All the Republicans need to do to change this calculus is convince non-whites that the Democrats aren’t on their side, because they truly aren’t.


They do it all the time, Ive caught similar incidents like this many times. This doenst even surprise me anymore… to me its like…oh this again. Maybe other people drop their hate for Trump long enough to take notice and pay attention


I saw the same Media play the “White” GOP side during the Bush era, it was the same thing. Now theyre doing the same thing on the left. You play the right, they wake up and break down the GOP, then you play the Left who’ve mentally checked out during Obama. Some on the Left stayed awake long enough to see how the Media played Sanders (regardless of ideology, he was a Threat just as Trump is cause Bernie’s not part of their club like Bush Sr, W Bush, Bill Clinton, Cheney, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Obama, Kerry, McCain, Pelosi, Reid, Feinstein, Koch Brothers are)


Thats true. I would say they have taken their play right out of Rules for Radicals.

Rule 13 “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

With the black community it’s clear what they have done. White people are the enemy, Republicans are the party of white people therefore anyone voting Republican is a traitor to their race and it has succeeded remarkably well. This is quite literally what some black people will say to black Republicans.

Although some black people have seen though this ruse, like brasd in another thread. The Democrats don’t care about the black community at all, only their votes.


All you need to do is look at who is running the cities where blacks are murdering each other in the streets. They’re not Republicans, that’s for sure.


The suspended twitter account was being used by someone in Brazil.

Exactly. The media backed down and began apologizing once the kids lawyered up.

And yeah, cnn and the rest pushed it because it’s clickbait ie views ie $$.

I agree, it seems something big is about to break against somebody(s) white, male, Christian, Trump supporter, or privileged, or all of the above.

They’ll just use the new breaking story to plow under these kids.