Covington Catholic High School incident



Anyone still think the media is fair and unbiased? Theyll be less and less of that as time goes on and more people wake up.


The kid was also interviewed on some talk show, they basically asked him why he acted like that and his reply was:“Because it’s my right to do so”. I’m glad he didn’t cuck out.


MAGA Student 2040?


2016-2024 Donald Trump
2024-2032 Donald Trump JR
2032-2040 Ivanka Trump

Yeah, 2040 for the MAGA kid sounds about right.


Can we be sure that Phillips is even an Indian?


Hate the idea of dynasties. Whether it is Kennedys or Clintons or Bushes, nothing is more likely to breed corruption than a dynasty.


It’s not like this one is going downhill.


Well I went to Vietnam. Backpacked all around, had a great time.


Good question. He looks Filipino to me. And with his record of serial lying…


You’re as much as a vietnam war veteran as him!


No, more. I seriously doubt Phillips has ever been to Nam.


That’s a good point. Two years ago I spent a week or so in Ho Chi Minh with my wife, is there in the Us some kind of welfare we could apply for? We’re survivors, yo


You should’ve stayed at the Hanoi Hilton. PTSD is real!


I just served 4 days in Saigon at the Nikko Hotel. Yeap Im a Vietnam Vet of their Seafood buffet.


Press F to pay respect.


He couldn’t have been a marine recon ranger because there isn’t such a position lol. Rangers and recon rangers are army special forces not USMC.

You can actually enlist and be a refrigerator mechanic? Really specific mechanic to be in the military. And how the f do you go awol from that position.


He lied, its Stolen Valor which is punishable by up to 6 months in prison. Apparently hes done the same thing several times now and also pretended to be a Vietnam Vet several times


Did he actually make the claim to be a USMC recon ranger who was in Vietnam? Or is it the media that said it and he never said that.


I dont know about the Claim to be a USMC Recon Green Beret Ranger Delta Seal Sniper but he did claim to be a Vietnam Vet many times. But yea his claim is blatantly stupid