Cow of the day



This is offensive…ly cooked. It looks singed!


‘Blackened’ is an American expression. In Taiwan it would be well done!


A bit too “well done”, still very good. I blame the steak for not being 4cm thick.


If it’s not 4 cm I would do like, 1-2-3 turn, 1-2-3 remove!:wink:


Nyet, nyet, nyet.

Cut the beefsteak 2" thick. Wash it in cold water and pat it dry. Rub its surfaces with a sliced garlic clove, concentrating on the fatty bits. Put it in a pan or plate filled with coarse sea salt, and flip it over so both sides have grains of salt imbedded in the surface. Grill over coke or charcoal until both sides are nearly charred. Remove. Place in an oven set at 175C until the interior is done to your liking.

Adjust seasoning and serve with a tumbler of whisky, and enjoy.


I got so sad expecting a cute little cow. These look tasty though, won’t lie.


That’s too American style. I wanted to follow another way of cooking it. And really, the only problem was that the amount of time wasn’t correct for that thickness. Or the thickness wasn’t correct :stuck_out_tongue:

The “right” way of preparing this cut according to the local experts is to wait for the pan to be as hot as possible, do one side four minutes, flip and add marine salt only to the sides when cooked. Then you’ve to wait like 5-10 min and cut. I covered it for 10 minutes so that it would reabsorb its moist/juice. the result was… well, way too cook but still really tasty and tender enough.

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Try and make a steak out of me, motherfcuker!


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To the pit oven with that cow.


Just one of his balls is probably more than you could eat.


I was wondering… is there any place where you can get decent beef in Taiwan? and how about that without paying an arm and a leg?


Possibly the most efficient post I’ve ever read re:insult density, implied and otherwise.

Well done. Bovine revenge is underrated imo.

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We cows gotta stick together. The deck is kind of stacked against us.


Oooor, he’s proposing something.

Dunno, he sounds like he knows about eating bull balls.

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I wish I was that flexible. :wink:


Thanks for the mental images. Pretty sure any coasters* would just melt.

*-ok, dvd’s. :roll:



This is such an unironically cute and funny post