Cow of the day

Lots of catcalls?

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Well you put up that little vid and there was a follow on to that little vid and this girl is way hotter :slight_smile:

Yes she is… :wink:

Of course being actually able to SING wasn’t one of the prerequisites apparently .

Hard to hear the singing over all the catcalls. (trying to stay on topic)

Mods! Cleanup aisle 2!!!


Fixed it for you. :slight_smile:

Cows will be cows…

How much do you need? Just kidding…

You want people to milk you for assistance money eh?

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I have six mouths to feed, so no small amount.

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I can give you a small discount on a nutritious beverage. :grin:

Don’t feed adult cats milk! They are lactose intolerant.

I think DM was talking about, um… :roll:

Cow & Chicken hybrid

…stuff. :cactus: