Coworking spaces in Taipei

Wanted to see if anyone had updates on coworking spaces in Taipei? (was previously covered in I suppose people will have different criteria, but I was hoping to find a space where I could meet other people. (Not only for the social aspects, but also for potential recruiting in case our company expands.)

Here are some places I’ve checked out recently:

Impact Hub Taipei:
[ul][] Newly opened spot that is trying to attract so-called impact entrepreneurs. They want the people coworking there to interact with each other, so they host monthly events. Place was a lot smaller than I expected. There are two floors: 1st floor for hot desks, 2nd floor for permanent desks. Located by Technology Building MRT.[/]
[] NT4500/month for hot desk, NT6000/month for permanent[/][/ul]

[ul][] Cool looking spot by Shida. Was a bit turned off when they said we weren’t allowed to talk because it’s a work space (they must have a problem with people coming in thinking it’s a regular cafe?). Don’t host any events.[/]
[] NT2500/month or 6500 for 3 months[/][/ul]

[ul][] Most professional-looking place I saw. You can book online and pay by credit card to book a desk (or meeting room or event space). Receptionist, access key card, and real office chairs. Also the only place with a coffee machine! (the coffee was terrible, but still)[/]
[] Several locations, but I visited their main Da’an location. Was pretty quiet, but all the desks filled up over the afternoon. I asked the receptionist what type of people work there, and she said other than one team of regulars, she wasn’t sure (as in, she doesn’t ask what they do). They don’t host events. Had the most (visible) foreigners of all the places I saw, but I didn’t talk to anyone; everyone was just busy at their laptops.[/]
[] Day pass NT800. Monthly NT6000+? (according to their website)[/][/ul]

Custard Cream:
[ul][] They have a mix of people from different industries that work there. They apologetically said that everyone works in Chinese, though can speak English. There’s a nice receptionist.[/]
[] Two locations: one in Ximending (This is the one I saw, open from 10 am - 7 pm), and one near Yuanshan MRT[/]
[] Have occasional events–something about a weekly brunch thing[/]
[] NT3500/month for hot desk, NT5000/month for reserved desk[/][/ul]

[ul][] Guys, get your act together–they post their hours as 10 am - 9 pm, but I went today at 10:30 and then again at 12:15 (because their Facebook page says they open at noon) but not a soul in sight… :neutral: [/][/ul]

I’m leaning towards either Impact Hub (for the networking) or CLBC (for the facilities), but not sure. Anyone have other places to suggest?

OOh. Thanks. I’m gonna check out the CLBC for private office space.

Have you read this blog? This is a coworking entry from about a year ago. … ces-taiwan

Have you found a place ?

I’m working with Smart Biz now.
Pretty new and a cool place.

[quote=“FlorianPhil”]Have you found a place ?

I’m working with Smart Biz now.
Pretty new and a cool place.[/quote]

Since you are in Taipei, and I won’t be until October, do you see private offices there? Any idea what cost is for private office?
It looks nice. I will put this one on my to-visit list.

Looks like they have expanded. Don’t know rates.



theHive charges NT$400 per day for a hot desk or monthly memberships with permanent work spaces starting at NT$3500.

the Hive Taipei, No. 119, Section 1, Chongqing South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei