Cricket World Cup

Who do you think is going to win?

South Africa
West Indies
New Zealand
Sri Lanka
Other (you’re thrwoing away your money)

Put your money where your mouth is.

10G$ in the kitty gets you a chance to win it, should you guess who will lift the trophy in March.

I’ve started a new account CWC2003Kitty.

And no I won’t rip you off!

You forgot the West Indies. With Brian Lara in form they are also a potential winner.

With Shane Warne apparently out Australia’s chances have taken a big nose dive.

You’re quick Taiwan Boy.

Please wait while I activate the new account: CWC2003

Wouldn’t say nosedive. We’d still be very heavy favourites. Alley, I’ll wager 30 guanxi, and give you everyone except us. Talk to me mate.

where do they play this year? having suffered through countless hours of the mind-bending nightmare that is baseball one of the side-benefits of living in Taiwan has been seeing something with a bat and ball you can actually watch and enjoy. i’ll have to wager on my adopted team the windies, ha hopped on their bandwagon just as they started their nosedive. that last world cup match against australia was one i would truly rather forget, and being a ny jets and rangers fan, that says a lot! revenge this year. amos you’re on, 30 if the aussies or windies win, or its off, whaddya say?

It has to be the Aussies again – they’re just so damned strong in every department that none of us others has a real chance. South Africa are the only team that might be able to topple them, given sufficient luck and inspiration from playing at home. England don’t have a hope in hell, especially now that they’ve decided to start by effectively conceding their match against Zimbabwe. On the one hand, I’m very disappointed about that, and that I’ll still have to wait a while before they play their first game. On the other hand, I think it’s the right decision on political and moral grounds, though only just – nothing that gives any support to Mugabe is acceptable, though I’d like to see Zimbabwean cricket get as much of a boost as possible.

It’s been a pretty good start to the tournament so far. The SA v. Windies game was a classic (from what I read, as I didn’t get a chance to see any of it) – it’s great to see the majestic Lara in such brilliant form, and I hope we’ll see plenty more of it as the tournament progresses. Australia got off to the best possible start – what a confidence builder, as if they needed it! Without the Waughs and Warne (and I’m very sorry that we’ll be deprived of seeing Warney plying his magic), with four of their star batsmen back in the pavilion and only 80-some runs on the board, they still notched up more than 300 with a blazing century from one of their less celebrated middle-order players – awesome! And I was glad to see the Canadians achieving their first ever world cup win, even if it was only against the ever more disappointing Bangladeshis. The next big thing to look forward to will be Tendulkar’s first appearance at the crease. Will he be able to match the other little maestro, Lara?

Alleycat’s CWC guanxi competition:

After having unsuccessfully registered CWC2003 (email problems) here is CWC2003Kitty.

Place your bets by donating 10G$ to this account. You may bet as many times as you want and for as many teams as you want.

The winnings will be shared among the users who have guessed correctly which team will win the world cup.

All best are accepted until the end of the First Round.

So here goes: I’ll make the first bet.

10G$ says South Africa will win.

Amos, I have credited your account with 10G$ as I cannot access CWC2003. The account is now CWC2003Kitty.

Vote again.


I’m not a gambler, but what the heck, here’s G$10 each for Australia and South Africa. Will I have any tax deducted from my winnings?

I don’t have G$10 to bet :x

Anyway after Australia’s performance last night you would have to say they are still the favorites. To win with two of their best batsmen out, Shane Warne having to quit the World Cup just hours before the match started and the top order of the batting collapsing says this is a team team that can even win when it is not 100%. With Lehmann and Bevan back in the side and if Gilchrist or Hayden can get off to a flyer the Australians will be almost impossible to beat.

Taiwan Boy, all you need is five posts.

Dalto, you’re on. 30 guanxi. I’ve got us and you’ve got the Windies. Confirm and it’s a handshake. Alley, I’ll do it again now.


Has anyone managed to see any of the World Cup on the tele or live feeds on the Internet?

At the mo’ i’m watching the live commentary feed from the Guardian site…very good but not like watching it! Great game yesterday when it looked like Holland might beat India.



I am able to see the live Internet feed from has live audio (free).

Um, I’d also like to back up Amos… I’ll put down another 30 guanxi against anyone who’s prepared to go against us Aussies…

Anyone interested?

The Big Babou

Um, I’d also like to back up Amos… I’ll put down another 30 guanxi against anyone who’s prepared to go against us Aussies…

Anyone interested?

The Big Babou

Mark, it’s on at the Tavern apparantly. I might go there on the 15th to watch the Aussies.

you’re on amos, sorry babou, might need to save some guanxi after betting against the aussies :slight_smile:


Did you mean “I’m” betting against the Aussies? Mate, I’m WITH Amos on this one… (i.e. backing the Aussies). There’s no way I’m gonna support anyone else! Actually, I’m hoping that you (being an Alan Donald supporter) would take up the challenge… Come on, mate, you South Africans are always backing your chances in events like these…

So, are you up for it? :wink:

The Big Babou