Crime rate in Taiwan vs. some western countries

Why is Taiwan have a very low crime rate considering the wages or income is not that high and the job prospect also is not so high etc. comparing to some western countries which is high in income Or wages and there social benefits ok but some of their countries have high incidence of high crime rate than taiwan ?

Taiwan kids are brought up to respect other people. Very little assault type stuff here. One of the big selling points to me is that it’s safe to walk the streets here and not have to fear being mugged.

!- Cameras on every corner. In western countries that would be an outrage over this, but if you can leave with them they deter lot´s of crime.
2-Family ties. In countries where is common to emancipate and move far from people who can check if something is wrong, things can get pretty wild.
3-In Taiwan police refuse to work and this reduce statistics.


In Uk there are cameras every corner and there are lots of crime


We all know the actual answer. Of course nobody is going to say it out loud.

Many crimes in Taiwan are not reported in the Taiwan English versions of news.
It’s almost like a picture is painted like it’s a utopia.


Because they do not mind getting caught , they call going to prison doing an M.O.T. Gym.,, regular sleep…


It may not affect stat, imo.


if the crimes on the mad max roads were reported the crime rate would be 90x higher than it is.

There will be a number of factors involved. Taiwan being a generally homogeneous society is one.

Other possible factors could include collectivism, military service reducing young male crime, stronger family ties.


Wages are low, but not so low that people struggle to pay their bills even though they work a full time job. You have to be irresponsible if you can’t afford bills despite having a full time job. The wages here are described as “can’t be full but you won’t starve”. Having a major injury or illness won’t mean losing everything.

Also people here simply don’t solve everything with violence unlike some western countries where violence is the answer to all problems.

Crimes exist but vast majority of it is nonviolent fraud type crime…


Hard to be a criminal if you live with your parents and have a curfew. :joy:

Also most crime l witness is corruption.

The men here seem very effeminate which I assume stops most violent crime. Gotta get home it mummy and play video games.


Also if it’s in the news a lot, it probably means it’s rare.

Like some guy gets into an argument with his girlfriend, then beats up the girl or some other guy. It’s on the news because something like this happens once in a blue moon.

It’s when it’s never on the news but you see it all the time is when things are bad.


Your case not withstanding and despite the constant bitching among the populace. There is hope in the people. They believe if they work hard they can achieve a comfortable life and that is missing in most countries, especially in the US. If you will always be a second class citizen that is treated as a threat and a thief or your parents will always fear travelling out of the city lest they get deported despite being tax-paying law abiding residents for decades you would feel like the society owes you something and stealing and violence is fair game.

It goes both ways. A hard life would necessitate them being more macho as well.

Well, there’s something wrong in human nature. If you give the people what they want, they won’t be a problem. I mean not free money or whatever but just enough to give them hope.

I never understand immigration laws. I mean people travel, that’s just how it is. Stuff like discrimination makes no sense and only causes further problems. But Western leaders can’t see the bigger picture.

There are lots of jobs in Taiwan and jobless rates remain low, thus people working do not have time to do crimes. Wages are lower than say Canada, but enough to live on. Also a big thing in richer nations is higher hard drug use which leads to higher crime rates in general. Taiwan does a good job in keeping people off drugs and working. And the wage gap between richer nations is getting smaller with much strong Taiwan currency and general increases this year in salary. Wages are lower but living standards in general remain high. There very few extreme poor and homeless (I did not say none, but much fewer) thus very few slums or extreme poor living conditions which increase crime and COVID, eg Melbourne and Singapore are rich but poor slum living conditions boosted the COVID spread)


Police don’t let you file a police report unless you walk in and hand them all of the evidence and they know they will be able to catch the person who committed the crime and then successful prosecute them. Otherwise the police won’t let you file a report in the first place. So that keeps crime rates super duper low.


That would make Taiwan’s wages adjusted for purchasing power higher as we get more bang for our [New Taiwan] dollar.

Depends on the crime.

Some theft case, they don’t want to bother unless it’s slam dunk.

But someone stabbed his girlfriend and some innocent bystander and ran off? He’ll be arrested within an hour.