Crimes in Taiwan 2021

Police cracking down more on violent crime in Taiwan

They don’t execute people for kidnapping anymore
This gangster got more than 3 million in ransom money and the police set up a trap and a Gun fight happened in the street in Ktown

Good thing only person shot was the perp

Looks like he was shot dead on the spot

Seems he should have given up seeing as he was surrounded

The woman on the scooter was a bit of a dodo trying to find out what’s happening


I rarely leave the house I’m so scared.

Surely not.

Oakland has 9000 cops and daily shooting but our criminals are smarter they don’t have a shootout with the cops usually

Because if you do you don’t come out alive


Taiwan’s cops are famous for their poor marksmanship.


Yeah but if you get enough of them together someone gets shot
Lucky this time it was the perp



All Imperial military personnel–including stormtroopers–had their pay adjusted to correspond with their firing accuracy.


Grand thef auto Taiwan style


75 year old granny is a local terror
Knocks over motorcycles regularly


You must be mistaken violent crime never happens in Taiwan. I saw it stated on YouTube.

I thought GTA was a game only played by Food Panda drivers, Taxi drivers, and bus drivers.

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Par for course for this demographic.

They’re asking for a three year sentence, after she’s been convicted of eleven different robberies? Oh, and of course teaching her some “life skills” so, what, she learns not to get caught?

What are they going to do when someone dies as a result of her crime spree, give her a medal for reducing the old-people burden on the NHI?

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For such large cities, I’m genuinely surprised there isn’t more crime then there is. Like where are all the shootings and robberies like in my hometown of Red Deer?


Be careful on your dates

Girlfriend allegedly cuts off, flushes man’s penis - Taipei Times


What did girlfriend b do?


David Koresh would agree with you, oh that was Texas and a long time ago, sorry.

Taiwan has the best reconstructive penis surgery in the world. There was a a caucasian American here married to a local that got it cut off in NTU park. His wife paid some locals to do it , as he could not keep his pants zipped up. He carried it to the hospital on foot and got it reattached in fair working order just a tad shorter. The main news was not that a foreigner got it chopped just that Taiwan was so good at penis reconstruction.

That’s her stated reason for flushing it- so they couldn’t re-attach it.

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